Posted in Products on 19 February, 2016

The difference in quality is in the materials, explains Esthec…

Outdoor decking products that are made from fibreglass reinforced composite have a sophisticated appearance. Fibreglass is an exceedingly strong material, which means that outdoor decking products made from fibreglass, such as Esthec Terrace, are incomparable with systems made of wood or other composite products. The material is also much stronger, extremely durable and can be used for balconies, roof terraces, jetties and as decking material around swimming pools and in outdoor spa areas.

Eco-friendly material

Products such as Esthec Terrace offer a comfortable and contemporary terrace system. The basis of Esthec Terrace is a liquid material made of 25 ingredients including natural resins, natural fibres, minerals and colour pigments; 25 per cent of which are recycled materials. Made from natural materials and fully recyclable, the product is highly sustainable.

Extremely wear resistant

Esthec Terrace is resistant to different weather conditions and is easy to maintain. In addition, the product is extremely wear resistant and meets the challenging conditions of the high-traffic terraces of for instance hotels and restaurants. Moreover, the lightweight and indestructible material does not warp like PVC or wood, does not splinter and is comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Esthec Terrace does not absorb water. That is why the material will keep a clean appearance and will not be affected by algae and bacteria. No absorption of water also means that the terrace system remains slip resistant in wet conditions. Whereas wood can quickly become slippery in rainy weather, decking made from fibreglass reinforced composite provides excellent grip.

No limits in design and colour

For architects and landscape gardeners, it is important to choose a brand that offers several functional properties. Esthec Terrace provides the highest level of design freedom, because there are no limits in design and colour. The product is available in a multitude of colours, but also custom made colours are available, providing unlimited design opportunities. The planks come in subtle colour variations, which gives a terrace not only a natural, lively appearance but also a luxurious effect. Esthec Terrace is available is several widths and can be applied horizontally and vertically. For landscape gardeners the click system is an important advantage because it means saving valuable time.

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