Antron carpet fibre reveals new influences on colour

Posted in Products on 17 September, 2015

Invista’s Antron carpet fibre has released the latest edition of its Global Trend Forecast, an insightful look into the global influences on colours within commercial interiors.

Developed in association with Global Colour Research, Global Trend Forecast 2015/16 once again identifies four key themes that are shaping our relationship with colour. Identifying increasing sensorial and immersive engagement with products, Global Trend Forecast 2015/16 continues the research of Antron® carpet fibre into colour, its influences and the impact it has on our working spaces.

The four themes of Elemental Order, Optic Balance, Make Shift and Immersive Tactility are identified as key drivers shaping colour through the next two years. Each deals with a unique set of influences from across the globe, highlighting the merging cultural boundaries afforded by our relationship with technology and products, that means boundaries are increasingly more transcendent than defined:

“The Global Trend Forecast reveals that as we connect with the world around us and try to make sense of rapidly developing product and technological landscape, we look to colour to help us understand, provide clarity and reassure us,” explains Jo Lea Keppler, marketing communications manager, Antron carpet fibre.

Elemental Order: This theme discovers modern processes explored for our bio-designed future to reveal a raw and saturated colour palette celebrating nature’s elements.

Optic Balance: Post-modern aesthetics of the 80s create a playful yet ordered aesthetic in a strong and confident palette of colours.

Make Shift: Hybrid design that mix and matches materials creates a new aesthetic to reveal a colour palette with a positive take on the industrial theme.

Immersive Tactility: This theme looks at how user experience puts the focus on both physical and visual texture creating a palette of saturated colours and greyed off pastels.

The themes each reveal a palette of colours demonstrating a flux from 2014/15 research to an increasing variety of yellows, the growing presence of more welcoming and warming reds, a refinement of pinks-purples as well as blues, and the appearance of more sultry hues of green. Cool neutrals are becoming purer and more sophisticated, while warm neutrals are given more presence with milky tones giving a more organic look.

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