Cora Indoor/Outdoor Collection from Ultrafabrics

Posted in Products on 6 May, 2016

Ultrafabrics is a pioneer in the polyurethane synthetic leather industry, specialising in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality polyurethane fabrics on the market.

Ultrafabrics is composed of polyurethane that is non-toxic, has low VOCs and is compliant with industry standards for indoor air quality and does not contain any volatile plasticizers and potentially toxic stabilizers found in PVC. One of the key benefits is that all Ultrafabrics products have a longer life span than both PVC and genuine leather.

The Cora Indoor/Outdoor collection features a subtle contrasting tone on tone colouration that enhance depth and textural interest in a varied colour palette including versatile neutrals balanced by vibrant hues. Cora delivers a full circle of performance and protection attributes with style. UV resistant properties withstand extended periods of direct sunlight exposure without fading or spotting. Climate control technology shields against temperature change for essential skin protection whilst defence agents protect against mildew, microbes and bacteria. Additional properties including water repellency, stain protection and colourfastness to chlorinated water, sea water and perspiration safeguard against other various inhospitable elements.

The Cora Indoor/Outdoor collection is the ultimate polyurethane solution for a multitude of upholstery applications. Designed for ease of care, it is a well-designed enduring essential anywhere under the sun.

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