Elemental seating pleasure

Posted in Products on 11 November, 2015

As flexible as life and a very private living style: Using just three basic elements, countless favourite places or entire seating landscapes can be created with Trio.

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 21.09.2015. Carefree cushions for an unconventional lifestyle: The first draft (design: team form ag, 1972) was already so forward-looking that its characteristic design with basic elements measuring 1 metre x 1 metre – and typical details such as the double outer seam – still define the new Trio programme in 2015. Its inner workings have developed along modern lines with a high-quality wooden frame made of beech wood. Seat heights (37 cm) and depths (60 cm) are in keeping with the times. Today, welting ensures the effortless cleaning or changing of the covers. The undersides of the back and arm rests now have special fleeces in order to give them a constantly “firm” grip on the upholstery when regrouping as required. The design principle also remains timelessly modern: The three basic modules (seat element, back and arm rests) are not permanently connected; with just a few clicks, endless new configurations can be created.

The formula? 1+1+1 equals variety

Trio is an intelligent seating furniture concept that adapts effortlessly to the life and preferences of its owner. Stretching out horizontally is also expressly encouraged. Remove the corner rest and the sofa becomes a recamier, then take away the back rest as well to create a cosy sofa bed. Reassembled and combined with additional stool elements, the new design presents itself as a laid-back seating ensemble or a cosy reclining area. “Trio embodies a young, carefree attitude towards life,” explains Leo Lübke, Managing Partner of COR. “This is typified by its system concept and effortless transformation, with the same set of modules creating constantly new worlds.”

Tell me how you sit

At the premiere during the Partner Days on 19-21 September 2015 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Trio will present its diversity, exemplified in five thematic worlds – for modern urbanists who are at home in Copenhagen, Marrakech, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo (or elsewhere). Imaginative styling, typical accessories and colour schemes each give rise to different living interiors and provide the professional audience with ideas on how to present the new upholstery programme. “Our new exhibition in the COR-Haus, which is open to all visitors from 22 September, forms the prelude,” explains Marketing Director Berthold Strüve. In addition, a separate publication with emotional motifs provides inspiration for interior design experts and consumers alike. Moving images in the form of a film then take the viewer on a voyage of discovery: At each point of the furniture’s transformation, it also shows the “live” development of what this COR innovation quite simply stands for: elemental seating pleasure!


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