Posted in Products on 21 April, 2016

Paint & Paper Library was founded over twenty years ago by London-based interior designer and acclaimed colour expert, David Oliver. Providing inspiration, colour expertise and design ideas for interior decorators, architects, specifiers and discerning homeowners worldwide, Paint & Paper Library is credited with an unrivalled understanding of colour balance, mood and light in contemporary interiors.

Under new ownership, the brand has streamlined its colour offer, raised the quality of its finishes, to include the mattest emulsion paint on the market, and created a new colourcard that contains the proven Paint Library colours and 40 unique new shades.

Paint & Paper Library’s colour card is made up of two palettes: ‘Architectural Colours’ and ‘Original Colours’. ‘Architectural Colours’ is an easy-to-use, colour-by-number system, designed to provide simple alternatives to white. It comes in a choice of 95 graduated shades, individually formulated using different strengths of the same pigments to achieve subtle shade differentiations within any interior. Arranged chromatically in 19 groups of five gradual shades, numbered I, II, III, IV and V and ranging from light to dark, warm to cool, each tone can be used either individually or in effortless combination on ceilings, cornices, walls and woodwork.

The 85 ‘Original Colours’ are an eclectic mix and can be used independently or as part of the same scheme to add more depth, or to provide accents or highlights, without disturbing an overall sense of colour balance. Inspired by historical, traditional and contemporary interiors from all over the world, the ‘Original Colours’ are tremendously usable shades bursting with personality and sophistication.

The latest colours to be added to this comprehensive offer include Porcelain I–V and evocatively named shades such as ‘Paris Rooftops’, ‘Sea Nor Sky’, ‘Stable Green’, ‘Aeoli’ and ‘Geisha’. Marketing Director, Ruth Mottershead explains: “We looked at the existing colour offer very carefully, editing shades and adjusting the balance between the Architectural Colours and the Original Colours. We’ve introduced tones at both ends of the spectrum, such as ‘Clean White’ and ‘New Black’, with nuances of colours in between. The new shades really complete the look, complementing the existing palette whilst taking the re-launched colour card into a new, exciting dimension.”

Paint & Paper Library now offers its full colour palette in five superlative finishes. The signature finish, Pure Flat Emulsion, is a matt, water-based emulsion paint with the ultimate soft chalky finish. Its high pigmentation gives a profound depth of colour and its premium base ingredients make this the flattest emulsion available. Pure Flat Emulsion is also micro-porous, to allow the fabric of a building to breathe; an important consideration for historic buildings.

The water-based finishes, collectively known as Architects’ paints, are designed for all areas of the modern home. Fully washable, these finishes do not resort to the aesthetic compromise of a higher sheen. Architect’s Matt Emulsion provides a high performance water-based alternative to Pure Flat Emulsion. Completely washable, it offers excellent scuff and stain resistance. Architects’ Eggshell is a low sheen, tough and durable water-based acrylic paint suitable for all interior woodwork and walls, especially for kitchens and bathrooms where condensation may be problematic. It can also be used for metalwork, furniture and conventional radiators.

Paint & Paper Library also offers low VOC oil-based Eggshell and Gloss paints; the choice of the professional given their excellent flow, smooth finish and legendary adhesion to interior and exterior woodwork.

Paint & Paper Library makes every effort to minimise its negative impact on both the environment and health. All the company’s paints are traditionally manufactured in the UK to exceptionally high standards, they use the highest quality eco-friendly ingredients and meet all global regulations on VOC solvent; formulated to make an impact on your walls, not on the environment.

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