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Posted in Business on 7 May, 2024

Curating art collections and cultural experiences worldwide, fair, and inclusive opportunities for artists are at the heart of their work. Artiq create impact with projects of all kinds, from curated collections and commissioned artworks for workplaces, hotels and universities to site-specific events and installations for public spaces.

Artiq believes in paying for creativity with real money, meaning artists exhibiting with them get paid every time they show their work. In the last three years alone, Artiq has paid more than £5m to artists and completed projects in 20+ countries.

The OWO, London

Included in these projects is their recent collection for Raffles at the OWO. Built on the historic royal site of Whitehall Palace, The OWO’s art collection is turning the page on history and shines a light on diverse emerging talent in the city. Witness to world-shaping events of the 20th Century, The OWO is the first UK home for global luxury hotelier Raffles.

Over the past four years, the Artiq team has successfully designed, procured, and curated an art collection for the guestrooms, heritage suites, corridors, and some notable moments within the public areas, like the magnificent ballroom and the new culinary destination by renowned chef Mauro Colagreco. These curations all needed to be worthy of the historical heritage and sensitives of such a grand building. Tapping into the local creative community, the collection highlights the best artistic talent living and working in London today.

This includes Artiq artists Jo Lewis, Jyoti Bharwani and Phoebe Boddy – female creatives whose work represents a new era at The OWO.

Drawing from the dynamism and flux of rivers, lakes and seas, Jo Lewis’ practice is about being a participant and collaborator with water. For The OWO she created a series inspired by the river Thames, which flows just behind the grand building complex. Exploring boundaries and control, Jyoti Bharwani’s work references the visual characteristics of counters and board games and questions parallels between strategic decisions in games and war. Meanwhile, Phoebe Boddy personifies The OWO’s celebration of contemporary creativity and talent in London. Her commission for The OWO drew on important abstract and expressive compositions and layered materials such as spray paint, watercolour, and charcoal to create works with a fluid, yet powerful final visual effect.

For their collection with the OWO Artiq also commissioned Richard Stone for a series of bespoke sculptural works that drew upon the historical placement of public statues across London. Responding creatively and flexibly to creative client briefs, the collaboration was awarded Best in British Product Design at the 2024 Brit List Awards.

A collaborative effort with multiple institutions, artists, and other creative shareholders, the collection compromises 1200 artworks by over 50 artists and is one of Artiq’s most extensive to date.

“It’s been a privilege for Artiq to be part of the evolution of the Old War Office. Curating an art collection for the OWO has been a project of great prestige for my team over the last four years, and we’re excited for guests to discover the outstanding art and inspiring stories on display within the building.” Patrick McCrae, co-founder and CEO, Artiq.

Images courtesy of Artiq and Richard Stone


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