First impressions matter: creating hotel washrooms with Armitage Shanks and Ideal Standard

Posted in Business, Products on 21 December, 2022

Alongside the lobby, a front-of-house washroom in a hotel is often one of the first and last spaces people see, and can leave a lasting impression on guests.

For architects and designers, this means there is additional importance in ensuring these spaces meet the high expectations of guests around cleanliness, accessibility, and sustainability.

Opting for a manufacturer that offers a complete washroom solution can simplify this process, allowing architects and designers to pick and choose from ranges that work in harmony, both aesthetically and functionally. Singular™, by Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks, does just that, and provides an end-to-end journey for specification teams.

Architects and designers can also benefit from Ideal Standard’s new Singular™ Solutions Sector Book for hotels. The handy guide features a wealth of inspiration, guidance and product information.

Investing in innovation

For specifiers, washroom technology offers a way to improve both hygiene and sustainability levels, with products like Ideal Standard’s Intellimix® smart tap combining touchless technology with pioneering features. The unique smart tap dispenses both soap and water with every use, ensuring a more efficient handwashing routine.

Hybrid Sphero urinals from Armitage Shanks feature innovative elements too, with a unique concave shape and rimless design that reduces splashback and a nozzle spreader on water-flushing models that delivers a more hygienic flush. Additionally, the system offers increased water efficiency compared to infrared solutions – saving up to 50,000L of water per year in high-traffic environments.

Making an impact

The importance of great washrooms in hotels is clear, anchoring a guest’s experience and leaving a lasting positive impression. To achieve a front-of-house washroom that balances design with practicality and hygiene, the specification of these spaces hinges on keeping up to date with the latest in innovative solutions.

Find out more about Ideal Standard’s and Armitage Shanks’ commercial washroom offerings, here.

Text by Anil Madan, Non-Residential Marketing Manager at Ideal Standard UK and Armitage Shanks  





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