The last Straw: The Hoteliers Guide to Reducing Plastic Usage

Posted in Business, Projects on 14 February, 2018

As momentum builds and pressure mounts for small businesses to reduce their plastic waste, the hotel manager of the UK’ s greenest hotel shares her five top tips.

The Green House Hotel is an award-winning boutique hotel located just a stone’s throw from Bournemouth’s stunning beach.

Famous for being as serious about luxury as it is sustainability, The Green House Hotel opened to critical acclaim in 2010 following an 18 month environmentally considered refurbishment. Every element from the interiors to the food has been sourced with the highest standard in mind.

Here, hotel manager Olivia O’Sullivan shares her advice on how businesses can do their bit to be more eco-conscious.

  1. Stop using U HT milk containers in bedrooms and replace with fresh milk in reusable flasks which are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more appealing to guests
  2. The same goes for toiletries- invest in fixed 300ml refillable bottles instead of the single use disposables
  3. Cut back plastic in the bar by limiting the number of Tetra packs of juice and milk you use. Consider buying Pergal milk instead, which contains a gallon of milk in minimal packaging, and if you have the facilities why not freshly squeeze your juice?
  4. When it comes to water use an onsite filtration system such as Belu or even opt for housewater where glass bottles can be used
  5. Look to recycle as much waste as possible-we donate our milk tops to schools for arts and crafts and our wine bottle corks to Recorked. Suppliers are also paramount to being green, talk to them about how they deliver goods and ask to reuse pallets to build furniture and plant pots within the grounds

Voted the Best Green Hotel by Conde Nast, every aspect of The Green House Hotel has been developed on sustainable principles- from the building materials, the energy systems and even the beehives on the roof.

Everything from the crockery to the wallpaper has been painstakingly selected and evaluated for its carbon imprint.

The guest room wardrobes and desks were handmade from Ash trees felled either by tree surgeons or storms while the entirely natural beds were uniquely created for the hotel.

The wallpaper, designed by students at London’s Central StMartin’s, was printed on FSC paper using vegetable inks and wrapped in natural starch.

Electricity is produced on-site using an efficient Combined Heat and Power Unit which not only keeps the building warm, but makes a significant contribution to the U K’s sustainable energy goals.

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