Announcing the launch of Sustainable Design Summit – Shaping Sustainable Interiors

Posted in Business, Events, News on 21 April, 2022

London: First ever Sustainable Design Summit (SDS) launches for cruise, hotel and aircraft interiors. The Summit, due to take place in London on 29 November 2022, will bring together designers and customer experience experts from across the aviation, hotel, and cruise sectors, with the common goal of making travel more sustainable. Offering a fresh take on the standard conference format, attendees at the Summit can exchange ideas about making sustainable interior design choices in a collaborative environment, with talks and round-table discussions that will encourage cross-sector insights and learning. The event will also feature a product showcase featuring innovative sustainable materials, textiles and other interior products bring the ideas discussed to life. 

Speaking about the announcement, Toby Walters CEO at Elite Exhibitions, said: “We are delighted that so many experts from across all three sectors are supporting this launch by joining our advisory board, including My Nguyen, Director of Interior Design at Holland America Group; Blake Emery, President at Emery & Associates (former Director of Differentiation Strategy for Boeing Commercial Airplanes) and Bryan Liska, Director of Design at Hilton Latin America & the Caribbean. Brand owners, airlines, cruise lines, hoteliers, design studios, interiors suppliers and leading sustainability experts are invited to attend this focussed day of learning and networking.”

The climate crisis has transformed the realities of interior design, leading designers to balance guest or passenger experience, national and international sustainable regulations with targets and ROI.

There are more than 130 countries holding targets to reduce net zero by 2050 and UNEP and the World Travel and Tourism Council laid out a new and ambitious roadmap for net zero was at COP26, including sustainable design practices for hotels, weight reduction through retrofitting by airlines and lighting upgrades by cruise lines. The pressure is on for aviation, hotel and cruise interiors designers to educate their teams, explore different approaches and practice sustainability at the highest level while still creating value and the guest and passenger experience expected by their brand.

The expert-led sessions will dive into topics including the principles of sustainability, designing with net zero targets in mind and how do sustainable interiors impact customer journey. Breakout sessions throughout the day will give delegates the opportunity to hold deep cross-industry conversations addressing circular design; colour, material and finish and sustainability infrastructure. With a focus on how to hold a conversation about sustainability and finishing with a drinks reception, the event will provide key learnings, networking and a gallery-style product showcase.

For agenda updates and further information, please visit the event website:

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