Bette creates hospitality leaders panel for sustainability discussion at 196+ Hotelforum

Posted in Business, Events, News on 4 October, 2021

The case for a net zero approach in hospitality – 13 October 2021.

German bathroom manufacturer, Bette, has created a panel of leading hotel industry professionals, to discuss the case for a net zero approach in hospitality at the 196+ hotelforum event on October 13. The re-branded hotelforum event is taking place in Munich and online with the sustainability discussion in English at 16.15 (CET).

With a panel of leading hotel industry professionals.

Sebastian Noack from Bette comments: “With buildings and their construction responsible for 39% of global CO2 emissions and this figure not including emissions from hotel refurbishments, sustainability is one of the most important challenges for the hospitality industry. We have titled the discussion: “Hospitality Asset Value: The Case for a Net Zero Approach” and topics covered will include the sustainability priorities of different stakeholders, how sustainability values can be measured and communicated and how a balance can be found between environmental, social and commercial advantage.”

Scientific guidance will be provided by panel member, Dr. Willy Legrand, professor at the IU International University of Applied Sciences Germany and a leading scientist focusing on sustainability in hospitality.  He comments: “At this point, we are not only looking at decarbonizing hotel operations, but the entire supply and value chain, and that requires an alignment of stakeholders’ commitment – this panel provides an opportunity to get everyone on board.”

The panel will be moderated by independent journalist, Beatrix Boutonnet.

In addition to Dr. Willy Legrand, the panellists will be:

  • Adrian Flück, Director of Hotel Asset Management at Invesco Real Estate
  • Hilda Impey, Founder design office, former senior of Wilson Associates
  • JoAnna Abrams, CEO MindClick, co-founder of the hospitality sustainable purchasing consortium
  • Louise Holder, EMEAA Environment Manager at InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Sumida Goel, Manager Design & Technical Services – specialist for sustainability at Accor CE

For further information on the 196+ Hotelforum event:

For further information on Bette: or telephone 0844 800 0547.

About Bette
Bette is a specialist in bathroom products that are made of a special metal in a unique manufacturing process: titanium steel sheets are shaped under high pressure and then finished with a thin coating that is related to glass – hence the name “glazed titanium steel”. This composite material is perfect for the bathroom (it is skin-friendly, hygienic, durable and robust), and Bette uses it to make its baths, shower areas, shower trays and washbasins.

The Bette family company was founded in Delbrück in North-Rhine Westphalia in 1952, and specialises exclusively in this manufacturing process, because it allows the products to be shaped smoothly with the maximum skilled precision. The manufacturing and administrative headquarters employs around 385 people. The CEO, Thilo C. Pahl, is a member of the owner family.

The range includes baths, shower areas, shower trays, washbasins and bathroom furniture, all made in Germany. Unique items that can be made in various colours and dimensions and open up inspiring interior design ideas for the bathroom. Bette’s assembly processes combine high-tech industrial production techniques with tailor-made manufacturing where it benefits the customer. More than half its products are customised to customer preferences. The company offers over 600 different baths, shower trays and washbasin models in a tremendous range of colours.

The natural raw materials glass, water and steel are used to manufacture high-quality products that are completely recyclable. They are verified to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as per ISO 14025 and to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

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