SIBU: The bathroom design revolution

Posted in Events, Products on 5 February, 2019

In line with its usual high quality and design standards, the SIBU DESIGN company from Ternberg in Austria is now pleased to present its latest development.This is a small but stunning range of patterned sheets for use in bathrooms, which is also suitable for

the wet areas and bears the name SIBU | BATH ART. The collection is available as of now and one is more than tempted to say that it fills a previously existent gap.

The SIBU BATH | ART products have emanated from the ambitious desire to offer materials that are optically convincing, offer complete practicality throughout the application process and overcome the climatic problems that bathrooms frequently present. An objective that has been realised in full.

The surfaces of the SIBU | BATH
ART products all have a high-gloss, scratch-resistant finish and offer an astonishing impression of depth. Moreover, the composites are impervious to both water and steam. The large format sheets (2,800x 1,250mm) can be mounted onto the existing surface and require only a limited number of joins. Moreover, their processing takes place using standard woodworking tools.

The close affinity with the topic of interior design is mirrored throughout the entire collection. Consequently, SIBU | BATH ART products can be used in combination with a variety of styles and colour worlds.

Irrespective of whether a new building, a renovation, hotel or private bathroom is involved, SIBU | BATH ART sheets represent an easy to clean and hygienic alternative to standard materials. Furthermore, as opposed to conventional products such as wall tiles, the SIBU | BATH ART range facilitates quick and clean renovation and in this connection the time factor is especially attractive, as it offers enhanced cost efficiency.

As with every SIBU DESIGN company product, apart from its functional and technical aspects, design plays a major role in the SIBU | BATH ART range.Therefore, the extent to which it differs from solutions using standard digital printing is evident almost at first glance.

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