West Ham Sleep Set

Posted in Events on 27 November, 2018

In collaboration with West Ham United, Denton Corker Marshall devised a new concept hotel room for this year’s Sleep + Eat event, which took place 21-22 November 2018.

West Ham are a community, deeply entrenched in history and ritual. A group of unique individuals unified by moments in time and memories. It was this sense of collective and personal memory that we wanted to evoke as part of our concept room, to enable a guest to get a glimpse into what it means to be a West Ham fan.

Our West Ham concept room was created from two main spaces, one to reflect the collective, group experience associated with football matches and a second to create a more personal individual experience. The collective space was open and inviting, with seating to encourage people to congregate and stay awhile, which they did. The space was pared back in regards to detail but minimal and beautifully crafted. Central to this space was our memory installation, where slightly illuminated translucent curtains surrounded a collection of personal stories and memories collected from West Ham fans.

The colour of West Ham, a deep claret, was used throughout, creating an intense backdrop for the concept room. This intensity was a dramatic contrast to the calm nature of the Sleep area; made from natural timber, warm light and natural bedding materials. The Sleep area was a soft space, reflecting the personal and quite beautiful stories we heard from West Ham fans. The bathroom was modest and minimal, again washed with a single colour, in this case yellow, with very streamlined matt black fittings.

Corridors and steps up reflect the journey through the stands and the movement between group and personal experiences. These spaces enable movement, offering moments to engage and reflect, views inward and outward, to both engage visitors and to create new personal experiences and connections.


Denton Corker Marshall worked closely with Phelan Construction and HW Specialist Joinery to ensure the materials, finishes and quality were just right, but also to ensure the constructability of the Sleep Set. With only 2 days for construction, Phelan Construction and HW Specialist Joinery, built the set in Yorkshire in fully finished modules, which were broken down and then reconstructed in their final location, Olympia.

Angela Dapper praised the contractors “We were really impressed with the skill and workmanship of the construction throughout and their professionalism through the whole process.”


The lighting was subtle and moody, creating highlights to draw people through the exhibit. The lighting was subtle and moody, creating highlights to draw people through the exhibit. “18 degrees created a subtle integrated lighting design with impact, which sits perfectly within our design and aspirations. We really enjoyed working with 18 degrees on this project and love the lighting design, thanks!” Angela Dapper, Partner Denton Corker Marshall.

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