What will Social Environments Look Like in the Future?

Posted in Events on 19 June, 2019

Sleep & Eat, Europe’s leading design and innovation event for the hospitality sector, has announced the architecture and design firms that will be creating the Sleep & Eat Sets this year. The roll call reveals an intriguing roster of new and long-established, multi-cultural practices based in Paris, London, Manchester and Singapore. They are twenty2degrees, Miaja Design Group, Hat Design and Barreca Tibblin, who will each create a concept guestroom, and NAME architecture and Space Invader, who will realise a concept restaurant and bar respectively. With the theme for 2019 of ‘Social FlexAbility’, the six firms have been challenged to design flexible and engaging spaces in which guests can activate the social experience of their choice. Once again, the Sets – a cult favourite amongst Sleep & Eat visitors – are poised to provide a conceptual playground which, this year, will explore one of the major issues of our technology-enabled age – connection with other human beings.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the creative team of designers involved with this year’s Sleep & Eat sets,” says Joseph Stella of twenty2degrees. “We look forward to delivering a design that not only encapsulates our studio, but also responds to the challenge of this year’s brief. Our aim is to design a space that feels fresh, excites those who visit and inspires others in the way that we have been when visiting The Sets in previous years.”

Isabelle Miaja, founder of Miaja Design Group, says: “I am very excited to participate in Sleep & Eat 2019. Innovation and inspiration have always been a driving force for me in creating my designs and this event embodies these precepts.”

Anne-Marie Sabatier of Hat Design believes that their quest is to design destinations and new experiences of wellbeing that engage the guests’ senses. “With the prodigious opportunity offered at Sleep & Eat, we will be sharing our vision of relaxed aesthetics and transformable social collaboration. Sleep & Eat is an opening for HAT to a global audience, prestigious representation where functional business design matters.”

Maria Tibblin, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Barreca Tibblin, says: “’Tradition of the future’ is my inspiration when designing a space. It honours our heritage and welcomes the next generation. A timeless design combined with the creative sense of tomorrow. When I visited the Sleep & Eat event last year, I was so inspired and eager to be part of the show to share my ideas with a wider audience.”

Nathalie Rozencwajg of NAME architecture states: “We are looking forward to contributing to a leading event in the hospitality sector and sharing our vision for the future of the industry. Sleep & Eat is a driving force that bridges today’s solutions with visions for tomorrow and designing a Set is a unique opportunity to contribute to the debate and explore the power of design to personalise a social experience through a spatial one.”

“At Space Invader, we are always looking for new ideas that inspire us as interior designers,” says designer Katie Edgar. “The Sleep & Eat event is a must for us as it combines new products, thought leadership, opportunities to speak to key figures in our industry and a chance to soak up the buzzing atmosphere. The opportunity to design a Set was a no brainer and a chance for us to come together as a design studio and create something special.”

Sleep & Eat 2019 returns to the National Hall, Olympia London, on 19th-20th November. For more information or to register for a complimentary pass, visit www.sleepandeatevent.com

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