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HOTEL SPEC is the leading resource guide for international hotel design, architecture, refurbishment and development worldwide.

Serving the international hotel design sector since 1987, Hotel Spec is used by designers, architects, procurement specialists and hotel executives for sourcing FF&E and established as the global authority for anyone involved in these areas.


HOTEL SPEC is presented as a traditional publication, published annually, a web site and a weekly newsletter. HOTEL SPEC provides specifiers with a vast amount of detailed information about all aspects of hotel design and architecture; from manufactures and suppliers of furnishings and equipment to hotel designers, hotel groups, development companies and procurement specialists.

HOTEL SPEC includes:

HS 24 FC

Who’s Who in Hotel Design

A comprehensive guide to the world’s leading interior design and architectural practices specialising in hotel design, development and refurbishment.

Who’s Who in Hotel Groups

Listing over 600 hotel, hospitality and lodging companies, this includes details of key contacts responsible for design and development with in hotel groups and key purchasing executives who control and influence the specification and procurement of FF&E.

Hotel Suppliers Resource Guide

A detailed resource guide to manufacturers and suppliers of FF&E. Providing information on companies specialising in hotel supply covering areas such as; Procurement & Purchasing, Furniture, Lighting, Bathroom Fittings and Equipment, Fine & Applied Art, and Soft Furnishing, Wall coverings, Surfaces to name but a few.

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