Art meets sustainability at Bankside Hotel, London

Posted in News on 8 April, 2024

Bankside Hotel, Autograph Collection has announced an exclusive partnership with esteemed textile artist and eco-activist Claudy Jongstra. This collaboration introduces the immersive ‘Washed Ashore’ and ‘Lost & Found’ art series to the Art Yard Bar & Restaurant and weaves the ethos of sustainability into the fabric of the hotel with the UK debut of the biodynamic LOADS collection in the hotel’s luxury suites, as well as an upcoming sustainability exhibition in the hotel’s own White Box gallery space.

Above: Claudy Jongstra with Philip Steiner, Hotel Manager, Bankside Hotel, Autograph Collection

Sustainability Through Art: “Washed Ashore” and “Lost & Found”

Bankside Hotel’s collaboration with Claudy Jongstra, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UK, features “Washed Ashore” and “Lost & Found”: pieces that merge art with sustainability. Inspired by the Thames’ ‘mudlarkers’ – 18th and 19th-century beachcombers who sold washed ashore treasures – Jongstra uses natural, non-toxic materials complemented by natural dyes meticulously crafted from her own botanical garden and biodynamic farms, forming the foundation of her sustainable art practice.


Washed Ashore,” a collection of five wool-felted canvases, channels the serene yet dynamic essence of the Thames using wool sourced from Drenthe Heath Sheep and merino from La Dehesa farm. The natural dyes range from intense indigo to golden yellow hues, embodying the river’s diverse colour palette. “Lost & Found” explores the theme of rediscovery, inspired by objects historically washed ashore and collected as treasures. This series enhances the hotel’s private dining room with stories of the Thames’ bustling past—its role in trade, culture, and as a hub of intercultural exchange, highlighted through the detailed craftsmanship and material choice.

The LOADS Collection: A Testament to Sustainable Luxury

The partnership extends to the incorporation of the LOADS collection by Claudy Jongstra into the hotel’s seven signature suites, including plush cushions and soft-tone plaid bed throws crafted from the highest quality organic cotton sourced from SEKEM, Egypt and dyed with natural pigments. The collection is inspired by historical intercultural exchanges along the Thames, reflecting the global influences that have shaped London, whilst offering guests an unparalleled experience of luxury, mindful of its ecological impact.


Celebrating Sustainability in Art: Launch Event and Masterclass

To celebrate the collaboration, a free daytime masterclass exploring the regenerative, ecological, and inclusive ways that Studio Claudy Jongstra and LOADS collection works with natural materials will take place and is open to members of the public on 10 April, followed by a private evening reception marking the unveiling of Jongstra’s art and textiles at the hotel.

From this date, guests can also enjoy a signature cocktail inspired by the collaboration, drawing upon B-corp spirits and earthy flavours like rhubarb and sunflower, available on Art Yard’s bar menu until June.

Philip Steiner, Hotel Manager, Bankside Hotel, Autograph Collection, says:
“Our partnership with Claudy Jongstra exemplifies Bankside Hotel’s dedication to weaving sustainability into the cultural fabric of our hotel – both literally and figuratively. Each piece of artwork and textile serves as a tangible expression of our deep-rooted commitment to sustainable practices, all while honouring the vibrant cultural tapestry of the SE1 neighbourhood.

“At Bankside, sustainability isn’t an optional add-on or a necessity—it’s a passionate pursuit. We strive to adopt sustainable business practices wherever possible. Examples include our use of renewable energy throughout the hotel, ingredients from conscientious local suppliers for our Art Yard Bar & Kitchen Menu, and recycled ocean plastics for our staff uniforms”


Upcoming Exhibition: “Nature’s Imprint: A Journey Through Time and Art”

The partnership with Claudy Jongstra inaugurates Bankside Hotel’s comprehensive series of sustainability focused art initiatives for the year, prominently featuring the “Nature’s Imprint: A Journey Through Time and Art” exhibition from 30 April to Autumn 2024 in partnership with Contemporary Collection and Degree Art. Aimed at enriching public understanding of sustainability’s role in art and design, the exhibit will highlight the works of artists celebrated for their commitment to nature and sustainable practices, including Jongstra who will contribute two key pieces. The exhibition sits in the hotel’s White Box gallery space and is free to the public.

About Bankside Hotel, Autograph Collection

A thriving community space encapsulating the creativity of the buzzing South Bank, Bankside Hotel London is where art, culture and travel collide in effortless style. A Marriott Autograph Collection hotel with 161 bedrooms including seven suites, this intimate six-storey hotel prides itself on a casual yet refined atmosphere, filled with personal touches from the moment guests walk through the lobby. Handpicked furniture and eclectic artwork contrast with hidden hi-tech touches to conjure up a timeless yet modern design narrative, creating a dynamic visitor experience for work or play. In addition to their bar and restaurant, Art Yard Bar and Restaurant, the hotel also boasts multiple exceptional meeting and events spaces, complete with an outdoor terrace, interior mezzanine, private dining space and art gallery.

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