Axminster Carpets: Global Innovation

Posted in News, Products on 15 November, 2018

Axminster Carpets are thrilled to be moving forward with a focused strategy, headed up by an exceptional directorial team: newly appointed Managing Director – Jonathan Young and Gary Bridge – Design & Operations Director.

This is an extremely exciting time for the company as it enters a new phase of development, having recently restructured and secured FBP3.375 million funding from Independent Growth Finance. This investment will advance Axminster’s ongoing objective – to prosper and innovate responsively within an evolving, premium market.

The global innovation strategy is devisable to merchandise, new products and a refined focus on commercial and export markets (the latter guided by recent recruit Lina Marino, Export Sales Manager). Following a run of reputable awards, including the Design Guild Mark, Axminster Carpets will be looking to further progress their unique portfolio.

Both Jonathan and Gary were compelled to the brand by its rich history and commitment to manufacturing and distributing sustainable, world-class carpets. Reflecting on the leadership team, Jo Dawson, Chairman of Axminster Carpets, quotes, “I have every confidence in Jonathan and Gary’s ability to deliver on our vision.”

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