Emerging tile trends for 2016 discussed at London showroom

Posted in News on 24 February, 2016

On a murky-grey morning – a colour that is said to be in this year – in London, designers and design press were invited to Domus Showroom to hear about key emerging tile trends that are expected to enter the market in commercial and residential properties this year.

Domus showroom’s sales manager Jules Archard and in-house interior designer Jess Piddock, both led the presentation. Geometric and fragmented designs, handmade aesthetics and pastel colours were explored and suggested as emerging trends for 2016. Highlighting these interesting shapes, Archard and Piddock suggest that grout in many surfaces will become the accent of colour within interior design projects. “For the first time we are seeing coloured grout used as a key element of tiling schemes,” says Piddock. “Selecting a contrasting grout emphasises the tile shape and ties in with the wider trend for colour in tiles.”

As certain hotel interior design projects become more futuristic and playful, pop is expected to be another common style among many designers. “Bold outlines, flat colours and graphic patterns will contribute to this fun aesthetic,” says Piddock. As well as this, grid patterns are expected to be explored in two ways. One is through the tile shape and grout lines, and the other is through the surface pattern. “While the classic grid is precise and architectural you can create a much softer aesthetic with hand drawn lines and softer tones,” adds Piddock.

Saving the biggest till last – quite literally – Archard and Piddock both announced the trend of XXL format. Again, technological advancement has resulted in ambitious and game-changing design formats and shapes. Large porcelain tiles, for example, can now be made to replicate a marble finish. The undulating texture is more convincing and is expected to be a key emerging trend. “Due to inkjet printing the texture and detail achieved is now exceptional,” explains Archard.

From the presentation, it is clear that ever-evolving technology is allowing for more creative and experimental methods of producing irregular and new-contemporary styles. As all evolutions, though, the shift will happen gradually and not over night. However, seeing as many shifting interior design trends are first explored in international hotels, we will be keeping a firm eye on whether these predictions will make it into the interiors of hotels expected to open later this year.


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