Foster + Partners uses traditional Arab architecture for luxury hotel in Mecca

Posted in News on 13 February, 2017

Foster + Partners has recently revealed their winning design for a luxury hotel and serviced apartments in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca. The design’s vertical cascading elements are meant to resemble the surrounding mountainous terrain and form a new topography while its clustered appearance pays homage to traditional Arab architecture.

According to Foster + Partners, the development is meant to address the shortage of accommodations in Mecca as the number of annual visitors continues to grow. All of the rooms and apartments are oriented to maximise direct views towards the Holy Kaaba and the Grand Mosque and come equipped with a dedicated space for private prayer.

The new development will be located on the axis between the new Haramain High-speed Rail Station and the Grand Mosque and will form a key part of the pilgrims’ journey towards the Holy Kaaba. A new pedestrian ramp will be integrated into the new design and lead pilgrims through naturally lit spaces.

“Mecca is one of the most unique cities in the world. As the home of the Holy Kaaba – the holiest site in Islam – it presents a special challenge and honour for any developer and architect,” says Luke Fox, Head of Studio and Senior Executive Partner, Foster + Partners, on the firm’s website. “Our design sets out to create an innovative building form that will be respectful to the scale and importance of the Grand Mosque.”


Renderings by Foster + Partners

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