HIMACS in the Sanremo shade welcomes guests to the ThermenHotel in Germany,

Posted in News, Products on 31 October, 2023

A short break for body and mind – the promising claim of the Emser ThermenHotel in Bad Ems, Germany. Bringing this promise to life and offering guests a wholesome wellness experience – these were the tasks given to the team at 4a Architekten. The unusual architecture of the 4-star hotel located at the banks of the Lahn River works in perfect harmony with the river landscape, creating a place of relaxation and peace. The interior consists of luxurious materials like velvet, oak and HIMACS solid surface material in the reception area and bar, offering a special atmosphere for rest and recreation.

The Emser ThermenHotel in Bad Ems is situated in the idyllic landscape of the Lahn River, next to the Emser Therme spa, which is connected via a glass corridor, allowing guests to walk between the facilities wearing their bathrobes. For this 4-star hotel, the architectural firm 4a Architekten designed a building with a gross area of 7,070 m². 84 double bedrooms, conference rooms, a restaurant and two bars – one of them being the Sky Lounge on the top floor in the shape of a solitaire – are spaced out between four levels.

The elongated new building blends harmoniously into the narrow site. For the main design element, 4a Architekten chose the shape of the river pebble. This gives the building soft and flowing characteristics. This concept is reflected within the interior design, which is dominated by rounded shapes and subdued colours. The interior design features impressive natural elements such as oak in combination with Cognac-coloured leather and elegant velvet in rich Green and Blue, perfectly complementing the 4-star hotel. 4a Architekten partnered with Appia Contract from Dietersburg/Peterskirchen in Bavaria, to ensure a perfect implementation of the concept. Their partner specialises in hotel projects and took over all of the interior construction, decoration and furnishing of the 84 rooms, including bathrooms, as well as carpentry work and furnishing of the public areas. These showcase well thought-out room concepts and luxury materials in rich colours.

The hotel lobby is dominated by the impressive reception desk, made entirely from HIMACS solid surface material in the Sanremo shade from the Marmo & Aurora collection. The appearance of the solid surface material, featuring a fashionable marble effect in Gray and Black, immediately convinced 4a Architekten: “Our partner, Appia Contract, introduced HIMACS into the project. The marble effect gives the counter a dynamic look and creates a beautiful connection with the floor surface. In addition, the joints are nearly invisible with HIMACS, giving a seamless effect. The monolithic impression was very important to us – in our opinion, the result is definitely a success!”, says architect Jonas Straß, project manager at 4a Architekten.

HIMACS, consisting of minerals, acrylic and natural pigments, allows the creation of a smooth, non-porous and optically seamless surface, fulfilling the highest standards in terms of quality, aesthetics, workmanship, functionality and hygiene. Thanks to its durability, the solid surface material is particularly suitable for frequently used work surfaces in high-traffic areas and – combined with brown leather couches, dark green velvet chairs and wooden screens – creates a warm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere in lobbies, where guests feel welcome and in well cared for.

The neighbouring lounge on the ground floor also features the solid surface material in the Sanremo shade – in this case used in the elongated counter of an open bar. The colour concept as well as the textile composition from the lobby continues in the lounge.

In addition, the dark ceiling, informal furnishings, an open fire and a book shelf – also serving as a room divider – create a cosy sitting room atmosphere. This offers guests the perfect place to enjoy a drink in the evening, letting the day come to a close in a relaxed setting.

Project information:

Project name: ThermenHotel Bad Ems

Location: Bad Ems, Germany

Architects: 4a Architekten GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, https://4a-architekten.de/en

Processors: Appia Contract GmbH, Dietersburg/Peterskirchen, Germany, https://appia-contract.com/en/

Material: HIMACS M605 Sanremo, HIMACS

HIMACS elements: Reception counter top and front panels, bar counter surface

Photos: © David Matthiessen Fotografie, www.davidmatthiessen.com

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