Hospitality Management Holding (HMH) unveils new logo

Posted in News on 2 March, 2017

Hospitality Management Holding has unveiled a new logo in keeping with the group’s selling proposition ‘Beyond Hospitality’. It has been developed to not only meet the evolving needs of the market but also, to reflect the group’s distinctive character, exceptional brands and aggressive expansion strategy.

Launching the logo, Ferghal Purcell, Chief Operating Officer of HMH, said: “The new HMH logo demonstrates a decade of success. Reflecting our brand culture, built on our commitment to excellence and consistent quality of service, the new identity has been designed to broaden our appeal at every level of our business. The rationale behind our new logo is to highlight the fact that we offer more with added value and have the formula for both growth and success in the dry segment. The uniqueness of the new logo says it all and allows us to embrace the future with a contemporary and energetic look.”

A dynamic and progressive feel is the inspiration behind the logo design, with high-rises and tall buildings reflecting HMH’s expansion in a modern world. The letters have been placed in a geometrical way to represent the height of the letter “H” and highlight it, reflecting the heart of our business “Hospitality”. The process of creating the new logo took over a year in the making and involved guidance from top marketing experts as well as team members.

Equally stimulating and exciting is the selected color palette of blue and orange inspired by the cities at night. Ferghal stated, “The deep blue sky, with its reflection on the water, works really well with the vibrant orange/gold lights filling the skyline to create a vibrant scene full of energy and life. Unifying our group’s communication, all our properties will be coordinating signage and logo implementation, with a critical mass being completed for our participation at the Arabian Travel Market 2017.”


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