KCA, a Trailblazer in Interior Design, Unveils Next Generation of Global Players

Posted in News, People on 30 April, 2024

Dubai – KCA, renowned for its iconic projects spanning over 30 countries in a remarkable 30-year journey, proudly announces the dawn of its next chapter.

For over three decades, in the hands of royals and oligarchs, atop the waves aboard the world’s most extravagant yacht, within the iconic silhouette of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, and marking the skyline with groundbreaking Expo Pavilions in Kazakhstan and Dubai, KCA has sketched the dreams of the globe’s elite across over 30 countries.

KCA’s journey represents a captivating odyssey of creativity, where the fusion of diverse cultures becomes a symphony of global narratives.

“It’s this deep understanding of our clientele that allows us to translate their desires into truly unique spatial narratives.

In our hyper-connected world, fleeting social media trends often overshadow the importance of authentic human connection and the unique essence of a space.

KCA stands firm in the value of cultural understanding and personal interaction. Our design philosophy hinges on fostering meaningful relationships, harnessing the collective brilliance of our team, and honouring the dialogue between past and present.

Pictured from Left to right: Mohamed Yusuf – CFO, Amanda Barrett- Creative Operations Director, Rakan Jandali – Design Principal and Creative Director, Khuan Chew – Founder and Design Principal, Benedick Bello – Technical Director, Alice Colnaghi – Global Liaison Officer

We believe these principles are the cornerstones that will sculpt the future of design”, says Khuan Chew, Founder and Design Principal

At the heart of KCA lies the extraordinary vision of Khuan Chew.

She has cultivated a sanctuary for creative minds, assembling a team where diverse backgrounds blend seamlessly to orchestrate a symphony of innovation and sophistication. As the adage goes, ‘A designer’s strength hinges on their contractors, and a leader’s effectiveness on their team.’ Guided by this ethos, KCA has not merely redefined luxury living for discerning billionaires; it has established the benchmark for the world’s most sought-after hotel destinations.

“We were pioneers, having set foot in Dubai in 1993 with the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, followed by the Burj Al Arab, and then Madinat Jumeirah. Proudly, we ‘put Dubai on the map’ with this golden triangle of creations long before the world recognized its significance.”

KCA’s international team, expanded over the past three decades across offices in London, Hong Kong, and Dubai, now embarks on the journey of the next 30 years. Emerging as KCA’s new generation ‘Think Tank,’ they lead the group on a global scale. Proudly ‘home grown,’ each member has collaborated with Khuan for many years, ascending through the ranks to gain extensive experience and emerge as leaders in their own right.

Leading the Creative team is Rakan Jandali, recently appointed Design Principal and Creative Director. With his deep grasp of Middle Eastern culture and steadfast dedication to authenticity, Rakan enriches our team immeasurably. Having collaborated closely with Khuan for more than a decade, Rakan has developed his unique style and philosophy within the KCA brand. Khuan esteems Rakan highly and has prepared him to guide the group forward comprehensively.

Amanda Barrett, promoted to Creative Operations Director, epitomizes resilience and creativity in bringing our design concepts to fruition. Her leadership ensures seamless project realization amidst challenges, always with a smile that reflects the spirit of KCA. A practical mindset that ensures to get all parties involved – our in-house studio, consultants and clients to work cohesively as a team.

Having been with the company for over a decade, Benedick Bello assumes the position of Technical Director. As an architect with a blend of technical and creative skills, Ben serves as the backbone of KCA Global, effectively managing the delicate balance between contractual and technical aspects of operations to ensure success at every project phase. His oversight ensures that the design team operates efficiently and performs at their utmost virtuosity level, adhering to every timeline with precision.

Mohamed Yusuf, who has ascended from accountant to CFO, complements Ben in ensuring contractual performance. His journey underscores the resilience and expansion of the company, as he serves as a pillar supporting KCA’s growth trajectory.

Wiktoria Kopychka, newly appointed Projects Director and new Business Development, brings 12 years of experience at KCA London and expertise in ultra-high-end luxury and hospitality design. She will spearhead expansion into Zurich (Europe) and the Caribbean, including Antigua, in line with the company’s pioneering style.

Pei Wan, newly promoted Associate brings a vibrant burst of energy and quiet, imaginative prowess. Her deep affinity for the “zen” essence of East Asian spaces perfectly aligns with the bespoke demands of the Middle East’s refined tastes. With Pei at the helm, KCA crafts narratives that whisper “less is more” into spaces resonating with subtle, local nuances. Her ability to blend academic references and vernacular culture is not just impressive; it’s game changing.

Alice Colnaghi, the face of KCA in global connections with new partners and collaborators, serves as KCA’s Global Liaison Officer. With a background in hospitality, she brings a unique perspective to her role, tirelessly nurturing relationships with partners worldwide to ensure seamless collaboration and client satisfaction. Working alongside Khuan Chew and the leadership team, Alice keeps KCA at the forefront of international design dialogues, constantly seeking the next groundbreaking venture.

“The success of Design Studios hinges entirely on the collective efforts of its personnel… It’s this unique combination of team skills that sets us apart and makes us sought-after on a global scale. We’re often approached to work in challenging frontier countries, a testament to the dynamism and free spirit cultivated within the KCA tribe over the years. As we look ahead, KCA isn’t merely anticipating the future of design; we’re actively shaping it. Our next generation of design leaders will continue to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and transform spaces into enduring testaments to exceptional design.

The world is our canvas, and we’re ready to paint the next masterpiece”.


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