Posted in News on 9 April, 2024

Leading hotel experience curators, LA BOTTEGA proudly announces the acquisition of a majority stake in VANITY GROUP. The deal will mark a significant milestone in the growth and expansion of both organizations.

LA BOTTEGA acknowledges and values the achievements of VANITY GROUP, and firmly believes in their potential to develop proprietary brands that resonate with the evolving needs of customers. Paul Tsalikis, VANITY GROUP’s Chairman, retaining an equitable share hold in the transaction, will continue to drive the business, ensuring continuity amongst managers and associates.

This strategic acquisition aligns seamlessly with LA BOTTEGA’s commitment to enhancing market presence and delivering unparalleled value to customers. The combined strengths of both Companies will foster synergies that not only fortify market position but also open new avenues for growth and innovation.

Recognizing and respecting the unique strengths that VANITY GROUP brings to the table, the acquisition sees LA BOTTEGA leveraging the team’s combined expertise, and creating a powerhouse that sets new standards in the high-end hospitality industry.

Tommaso Pacini, Chairman of LA BOTTEGA, emphasized the strategic alignment between the two entities, saying, “In the last five years, looking at VANITY GROUP’s remarkable development, it made strategic sense to partner with them to forge the next generation of Hospitality Curators. We retain our signature brand identities but combine forces across global distribution and creating an impressive, shared brand portfolio – honouring our commitment to enriching the hospitality industry. We’re looking forward to exchanging ideas, being curious, and pampering guests all around the world.”

Paul Tsalikis, Chairman of VANITY GROUP expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “LA BOTTEGA share the same creative spirit, dedication to innovation and the gusto to transform the in-room hotel experience. While we continue to operate as separate entities, together, we expand and strengthen our unique model to the market: part guest cosmetics powerhouse and part creative agency – focussed on creating unforgettable experiences for guests.”

Together, LA BOTTEGA and VANITY GROUP form the most impressive list of global luxury hospitality clients, have representation in over 120 Countries, boast a combined team of over 500 people, and over 100 of the most in demand, progressive brands.

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