London and Preston based Architects Wilson Mason launch new website

Posted in News on 19 February, 2018

Wilson Mason, award-winning London and Preston-based Architects Wilson Mason have launched their brand new website. The new site features a much more user-friendly interface and showcases all of the firm’s projects and services.

James Potter, a partner with Wilson Mason and the project leader, said: “The new website has been designed to reflect our ethos of leading design, while delivering innovative projects. We would like to thank all of our partners and clients, whose projects have essentially created this website.”

With a sleek new look and accessible interface, the new Wilson Mason website is now easier to use than ever. The new site showcases some of Wilson Mason’s previous recognised projects, as well as details of the services they provide and industry news – all with smooth transitions and a beautiful design.
James went on to say: “Exemplifying the development that Wilson Mason is continuously undertaking, our new website provides a comprehensive overview of new and exciting schemes alongside recognised projects that have established our reputation for quality and excellence.
In addition to detailing the principles that we apply to each aspect of our work, we have provided a convenient resource that includes technical guidance links and design inspiration.

The previous website makes way for a bolder design that allows its users to navigate seamlessly between our key sectors of science and research, education, healthcare, workplace, manufacturing, and retail. Collaboration is the essence of what we do and who we are.”

One of the projects showcased in the new website is The MCRC. The Manchester Cancer Research Centre creates a centre for excellence in cancer research and treatment. Wilson Mason had the task to design a facility that would accommodate enough laboratory spaces, academic offices and more for 150 cancer researchers.

One of the reasons behind the expansion was an incentive to attract additional world-class researchers to the centre, meaning that Wilson Mason needed to design the facility with appropriate space for research and lectures.

Check out the website now:

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