Orbital Assembly Demonstrates New Technology to Build Low Gravity Space Hotel

Posted in Business, Future, News, Projects on 23 June, 2021

Orbital Assembly Corporation, the first large scale space construction company, successfully demonstrated technology it developed to build the world’s first space hotel with gravity during the official opening of its Fontana, California Facility on Saturday evening.

Orbital Assembly is a leader in industrial space development enabling humanity to work, play and thrive in the space ecosystem. The company is developing semi-autonomous robotic machines capable of building and assembling large structures in space quickly, and efficiently.

“Today we achieved our milestone in validating the Demonstrator Structural Truss Assembly Robot (DSTAR) fabricator,” says Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Habitation, Tim Alatorre. “Watching the DSTAR assemble the six-ton truss framework and expand to the length of a football field as it will in space was a thrill for everyone. We are on track for our first mission launch deadline scheduled for 2023.”

Gravity is essential for comfortable long-term habitation in space. The structure overcomes this obstacle by producing its own simulated gravity with slow rotation. Following this successful test, the mission in 2023 will launch the Prototype Structural Truss Assembly Robot (‘PSTAR’), in low Earth orbit. It will assemble 52 meters (156 ft.) of truss in a circle, creating a ‘ring’. Four on-board propulsion modules will ‘spin’ the ring, to demonstrate Orbital Assembly’s construction capabilities with the PSTAR and delivering, for the first time ever, lunar levels of artificial gravity.”

In 2027, once Voyager is operational, guests will experience a string of luxury amenities like a health spa, gyms, themed restaurants, concert venues, Earth-viewing lounges and bars and accommodations for up to 400 people. Visitors will enjoy luxury villa accommodations with cooking facilities for up to 16 people or hotel suites for two guests. The hotel is designed to welcome national space agencies conducting low-gravity research.

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