Papaya Playa Project Launches New Treehouse in Mexico

Posted in News on 25 January, 2017

With its pristine powder-white sands, azure water, and ancient Mayan ruins, Tulum has fast become the destination of choice in Mexico for travellers the world over. However, for those looking to experience a side of the popular Yucatán coastline less explored, Papaya Playa Project has created the Treehouse—an exceptional exercise in eco-design and sustainability cocooned by the verdant jungle.

Spread out over a 900-meter stretch of the Caribbean coast of Tulum, Papaya Playa Project possesses a rustic charm and offers guests a sophisticated natural luxury. As with the resort’s 85 casitas and cabañas, the new Treehouse has been ecologically built with indigenous materials and age-old Mayan construction techniques. Placing the structure on wooden stilts not only transports guests to the very heart of the jungle—both physically and mentally—but also ensured local flora and fauna went untouched in the construction process, an important factor for Original Emilio Heredia. “Sustainability means life for future generations and integrity for the current one,” says Heredia. “It elevated structure encourages the growth of jungle plants around the treehouse and ensures the building does not interfere with nature. We wanted to show the utmost respect to all the wildlife living in the jungle when building the treehouse.”

The interiors of the treehouse mirror the visual identity of the resort’s other accommodation and public spaces. Locally sourced materials and recycled wood mingle with simple, no-frills furnishings, while white macramé detailing gives the structure a special charm and unique appearance. The windows offer 360-degree views over the lush jungle and the jade-blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean. Fusing the beach with the jungle was an important element to the location of the structure for Heredia. “Our mission is to promote a holistic and spiritual life, consciously responsible with nature and with the community. We also wanted to create spaces where guests experience the beauty all around them, physically and emotionally.”

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