Rosewood Miramar Beach: Interiors by Richmond International unveiled

Posted in News, Projects on 3 July, 2019

Taking inspiration from ‘The Miramar Hotel’, a Montecito landmark that formerly occupied the site, Richmond International explored the history of the property, the area and its prevailing plantation-style as the starting point for the design; the end result is a homely, bespoke and eclectic manor house with a series of guestrooms, bungalows and garden cottages.

The understated elegance and charm of the Montecito neighbourhood pervades the Richmond-designed areas of the hotel. Woven through the oceanfront restaurant Caruso’s, the wellness facilities and The Ambassador Suite, the design captures the spirit and heritage of the area. The team also referenced the work of architect Paul Williams in order to achieve a heritage look at the new-build property.

Deborah Bray, Associate at Richmond International, comments: “As a fun, bustling and charming neighbourhood, Montecito, as well as The Miramar Hotel, was considered to be a laidback and discreet gathering place and so welcomed numerous famous faces in its heyday. Our aim was to preserve a sense of place by creating interiors that celebrate the history of the area with a fresh, refined and welcoming design.”

The Ambassador Suite
Centrally located on the second floor of the Manor House, the Ambassador Suite offers the best views in the property. From their private terrace, guests can soak in the sights of the local landscape that inspired the room’s interiors.

The suite, uniquely configured to allow guests to create either a one or two-bedroom space, combines elements from old manor houses such as wide fireplaces, panelled walls, gilded mirrors and pendant light fixtures, which evoke a modernised take on the authentic grand estate style of properties in the area.

Much of the inspiration for the styling of the suite came from the local landscape itself. The multitude of botanical gardens, neighbouring beachfront, and picturesque and colourful sunsets in Montecito all inspired the vibrant colour palettes used within the design.

Sense Spa and Fitness Area
Reminiscent of Montecito’s historic focus on health and wellbeing, the design of Sense Spa draws once again on the classic plantation-style.

Hanging lantern-style lighting, glass display cabinets, and a variety of individual upholstered pieces create an informal yet serene reception area. A pale coral and blue colour palette, combined with light wood, ensures a feeling of airiness within the space.

Neutral tones and clean lines are at the heart of the Fitness Area design. With dark-stained oak floors and large mirrors reflecting the adjacent glazed façade, guests feel connected to the surrounding flora, whilst benefiting from the light that pours in.

The design of Caruso’s restaurant evokes a strong sense of the ocean it overlooks. For the dining space Richmond International took inspiration from stylish restaurants located on the Italian coastlines, offering a formal backdrop in the evening but an equally relaxing, enjoyable place to be during the daytime.

The design stemmed from a treasure chest concept, featuring numerous luxury finishings and details, such as the golden studs that embellish the dining chairs. At the far end of the restaurant sits the bespoke bar; with a walnut-front scalloped shape and a heavy stone top, the striking bar design also features a decorative mirror set around the colourful bottle display.

Blue hues and high gloss lacquered panels are inspired by polished yachts, whilst the terrazzo flooring is decorated with arched silver inlays reflective of the rolling waves of the sea. The deep blue leather booths, designed in the form of a seashell, hug the right wall of the restaurant, offering the most prominent view of the ocean within the space.

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