Taking on the trends of 2019

Posted in Business, News, Products on 1 February, 2019

New year, new hospitality trends. With January done and dusted, it’s time to think about the trends that will be dominating the rest of the year. The hospitality industry is consistently changing, so being ahead of the upcoming trends is ideal. Stay on trend by following our top interior ideas to make 2019 as stylish as possible for your guests!

Copper & Brass elements

Bold statements are to be made with strong mixtures of stainless steel and copper as well as brass complementing bronze. Door handles, chair feet or table legs, photo frames are all features you could consider being brass. Having mixed metal brings a welcoming shine and energy to an overall enduring aesthetic. They create an interesting, unique contrast to modern interiors as well as adding warming details to a minimal design.

Indoor greenery

Biophilic design is still in full swing and is showing no sign of slowing down, but if a living wall is to green for your space then using individual potted plants like our favourites from https://thelittlebotanical.com/ will give your area a refreshing sense of the outdoors. Try mixing beautifully potted succulents and large plants like a Scindapsus or a monstera. This is set to be a striking trend throughout 2019.

Feature Spaces

Everybody knows that having a feature space is a popular choice when it comes to interior design. 2019 is going to change that. It’s an essential to bring in continuous custom, making use of key furniture pieces is an excellent way of achieving this, a chaise lounge in the foyer or oversized soft seating in the bar. Today’s consumer wants to socialise in spaces that they can later post on social media. Using striking wallcoverings like pieces from https://robinsprong.com/ will certainly add wow factor and using decadently designed booth seating will give privacy as well as being the ‘it’ place to sit in your establishment. Make it memorable!

Crittall styling:

Currently a very chic style for windows and door, but this movement is not just for them in 2019. It is set to bring an eclectic look for room dividers, bar bars and internal styling. It is an attractive and ideal way to create zoning in commercial spaces, especially an excellent idea for restaurants.


Our favourite luxury upholstery will be gracing us with its presence in 2019 as it is will be the go-to fabric this year. It has been a hit with consumers for the last few years, from the runway and interior décor. So, with a large increase of searches of velvet, it is set to make an impressive statement. Adding velvet is an effortless way of creating elegance and luxury to your space.


Say goodbye to the cooler colours and hello to the warmer colours in 2019. Entering the new year with cold, brisk weather, adding warmer shades to your interior is sure to bring a sense of comfort to your guests. Warm autumnal shades and earthy tones, this coming season you will see a sweep of soothing and relaxing interior colours such as cool nudes, plant greens, burnt rust oranges and warm beiges.


Continuing into 2019, is a firm favourite for an industrial style interior. Concrete has been popular throughout 2018 and its presence will continue to grow. People are enjoying the stone, rustic look. You can have smooth and polished concrete or a slightly worn down vibe, both being super chic and stylish throughout the hospitality industry. In 2019, expect to see it used as a mixed media product from wallcoverings to tables in high end luxe interiors.

Mid-century modern

Let’s face it, mid-century modernism will never go out of style. The exploration of different materials, both old and new and the silhouettes it can create, it is back for another strong year. Expect to see furniture silhouettes this season inspired by the likes of Aalto & Eames.

This year will be the perfect opportunity to experiment with these top trends and following these or adding elements of these into your current design will ensure you are creating a stylish look for your guest and visitors.

By Laura Annison, Sales, Design & Procurement Executive of Valdivian Furniture, a British furniture manufacturer that specialises in bespoke, hand crafted contract furniture.

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