Vienna House launches new hotel concept line: Vienna House R.evo

Posted in Future, News on 8 March, 2018

Combining the individuality of a home, flexibility of a guesthouse and the stylish design of a city apartment, Vienna House introduces Vienna House R.evo. The new brand by the Vienna House hotel group brings together guest rooms, studios, friends and family rooms with modern design, laid-back common areas and high quality facilities. The tribrid concept offers innovative technology and urban design features in a convenient central location, making it the perfect accommodation to suit the needs of today’s modern society. The first project will open in Munich, followed by other major cities including Bangkok and Hamburg.

Vienna House R.evo positions Vienna House at the forefront of the hospitality industry, with the R.evo brand pushing the boundaries of hotel design to give guests greater flexibility and tap into the rapidly growing digital market. “Vienna House R.evo is the way people are today: mobile, uncomplicated, curious and open-minded,” says Rupert Simoner, CEO of Vienna House. “Technology has changed us, and it is time that we give these new ways of life the space they deserve.”

At Vienna House R.evo, guests can check in for one night, several months or even just an afternoon. The new brand allows guests to choose between hotel rooms, fully equipped studio apartments, friends and family rooms or simply a workspace to rent.

The classic features of a hotel are all there: the services that make a hotel so convenient, the lobby, the reception, the laundry service, housekeeping and the restaurants. But Vienna House R.evo goes the extra mile. The on-site team coordinates deliveries and helps guests stock their fridge cooperating with local suppliers and offers e-bikes, e-car sharing and vehicle charging stations. The workspaces are also in keeping with the digital age featuring state-of-the-art technology that is available for both staying guests and outside visitors. Working, high speed streaming, chatting, gaming – everything is possible. Guests can also use an app to book the dryer in the laundry room, organise their fitness class at the gym, or reserve a table in the restaurant.

For foodies, Vienna House R.evo offers innovative cuisine, with menus changing depending on season and location from Asian street food to fresh vegetarian options. Breakfast is served bakery-style or in a cosy kitchen-cum-living-room setting. The bar is the hotel’s social hub where people can meet, order drinks or just take what they want from the integrated shop. The common areas are important for the success, the mood and the life at Vienna House R.evo. This is where the local community mingles with the guests from all over the world.

From Munich, Glasgow to Bangkok 
Vienna House R.evos will be centrally located, with a priority focus on mid-size to larger cities. Leading the way is Munich. “Here we are currently developing a project with over 600 room units,” says Simoner, adding: “Construction is scheduled to begin this year. Demand is high, and we are already looking at other openings in Budapest, Hamburg and Vienna as well as in Glasgow and Bangkok.” The aim is to conclude up to three projects a year with the Vienna House R.evo brand.

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