W Hotels Debut Of Flagship Hotel In Northwest China

Posted in Future, News, Projects on 22 August, 2018

W Hotels Worldwide, part of Marriott International, Inc., has announced the opening of W Xi’an, the brand’s seventh hotel in Greater China and the largest W to open in Asia Pacific. Owned by Vanzhong Real Estate and located in the Qujiang District, adjacent to Quijiang Pool Park, where modernity intersects with rich cultural tapestry, W Xi’an is set to ignite the passions of global guests and add a new beat to the pulse of a city whose history spans back over three millennia.

W Xi’an is located near Northwest China’s largest international travel hub, Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, as well as Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, the Datang Furong Garden, and the ubiquitous Qujiang Lake, some of the most breathtaking sites in the region.

“Xi’an is one of the most culturally and historically rich destinations in the world. Over thousands of years, the city has maintained its magnetic attraction for global travellers seeking both boundary-pushing and iconic art, design and entertainment, making it the perfect destination for our new flagship property,” said Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide. “W Xi’an shows off our ability to, like the city itself, innovate. From the hotel’s bold and complex design to its many hidden homages to millennia of history, we are ready to add a new level to the city’s ever-evolving offerings for global guests.”

Spread over approximately 80,000 square meters, W Xi’an gives a bold first impression of the W Hotels brand, standing in the shape of a ‘W’ along with the other two buildings of the W Five Park complex. With its neon coating shining each night, W Xi-an is quickly becoming an iconic feature on the Xi’an city skyline.

Imagined by acclaimed interior design firm AB Concept, W Xi’an reinterprets the rich historical, social and physical contexts of the city through the modern lens of the W brand. The design fuses the past and future of Xi’an, showcasing the vibrant history of the region with dynamic visual displays taking guests through five ancient dynasties that once called Xi’an home. The hotel features five intricate labyrinths inspired by the Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang dynasties.

An enormous eye-catching multimedia art installation with digital fragments of Tang dynasty architecture welcomes guests through a floating garden entrance. The 17-meter-high Living Room is a showpiece of the hotel’s inspired design, boasting lighted floating curves, hanging artistic details and sloping divisions sweeping up from the floor, each inspired by the famous palace wall and historic depictions of the nearby Silk Road. Artworks of acrobatic pottery figurines pay tribute to the “Welcoming Ceremony” in ancient times, luring guests to explore further.

385 guest rooms and suites bring W guests a bold representation of Xi’an culture. Large-scale artworks show off the renowned make up style of the Tang dynasty with a colourful modern twist from ATG Beyond, China’s renowned premiere applied design expert. Inspired by the supreme diplomatic gifting in Tang dynasty, peach motifs are displayed as signature W pillows alongside the brand’s signature beds. With spacious balconies carefully arranged for each guestroom, W Xi’an deliberately links each private terrace to the stage-like hidden mini bars so guests can treat themselves to a sip or bite while soaking in the skyline. The Extreme WOW Suite, the most lavish of the hotel’s 73 expansive suites, screams opulence with corrugated walls in a deep orange-red, embodying the energy of the Silk Road.

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