Winners announced of New Designers Awards presented by Corinna Gardner

Posted in Events, News on 6 July, 2017

Part 2 of New Designers opened on Wednesday 5 July, by Corinna Gardner, Acting Keeper of the Design, Architecture and Digital Department at the V&A. Gardner also presented the coveted New Designers Awards to this year’s most talented design graduates in the fields of: furniture, product, industrial, spatial, graphic, illustration, animation, motion and digital design.

Winning projects included a beautifully designed and illustrated children’s book on Resilient Reptiles, winner of the Business Design Centre Designer of the Year Award, a modular sofa system for ‘Generation Rent’ and a superhero children’s hospital garment designed to reduce patient anxiety. Graduates of BSc Product Design & Technology at Loughborough University won no less than four awards. They included Ben Cullis Watson, who received both the New Designers Joseph Jospeh Brilliantly Useful Award and the New Designers Tesco Award for his composting bin, which uses a Japanese process called ‘Bokashi’ to ferment or ‘pickle’ kitchen waste.

The New Designers Awards, presented in partnership with leading brands and organisations, recognise the design world’s rising stars. The prizes, including cash, professional advice and paid work placements of up to one year, offer graduates vital support as they embark on their professional careers.

Corinna Gardner, Acting Keeper of the Design, Architecture and Digital Department, V&A, said: “I am delighted to be a part of New Designers show and awards programme. Both are a fantastic opportunity to explore an amazing array of new design talent and to uncover future design superstars who will influence the way we think about design and the designed world.”

Sarah Monk, Director of New Designers, said: “There’s such a wealth of brilliant ideas at this year’s New Designers that our judges have been spoilt for choice. We’re hugely grateful to our sponsors for their generous support in recognising these talented individuals and providing them with such fantastic opportunities as they take the first steps into their creative careers.”

The New Designers 2017 Award winners in Part 2 are:

Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year

Winner: Jake Williams (below)

Title of work: Resilient Reptiles and illustration portfolio

Description of work: A beautifully designed and illustrated non-fiction children’s book, Resilient Reptiles takes a closer look some of the most highly specialised, adaptable and incredible animals in the world. Jake has also produced a portfolio of editorial work which provides smart illustrations for a wide range of subjects and articles.

University / College / Stand: BA Illustration, Plymouth College of Art, VC15

Judges’ citation: ‘The judges liked Jake’s creative approach, his style and his ambition to tackle difficult subjects thoughtfully through the medium of illustration.’

Winner’s comment: ‘Winning the BDC New Designer of the Year Award will be a massive asset to me as I embark on my career as a freelance illustrator, especially because of how respected the award is and because all the support that comes with the prize that will help me kick-start my career.’

Prize: £1,500 cash prize, plus additional benefits as follows: £1,000 worth of legal advice from Specialist intellectual property lawyers Briffa including a year’s free membership to their DesignProtect insurance service; £2,000 worth of invaluable accounting and taxation advice from experts HWFisher; a dedicated ½ day focus on PR by Four Colman Getty and marketing worth £500.


New Designer of the Year: Runner Up:  

Winner: Kiran Sunil (below)

Title of work: The Machhalee Basket

Description of work: A mobile fish vending unit for fish vendors all over the world, which enables them to keep their fish cool using locally produced, non-electric phase change materials (PCM).

University / College / Stand: Industrial Design, University of Hertfordshire, FP74

Judges’ citation: ‘A sensitively designed product – an example of bottom-up, frugal innovation, demonstrating genuine social impact and purpose.’

Winner’s comment: ‘Winning this award has proved that my unique approach to design has worked and has value. This will also help attract attention from employers, as well as adding legitimacy to my craft. I have learned from this process that design is not about creativity through one person. It’s about taking everyone’s ideas, in this case my lecturers and peers, to create one concise product. This isn’t necessarily something aesthetically pleasing, but something that is functional and serves a purpose.’

Prize: The winner will receive a £500 cash prize


New Designers Hallmark Studio Award  

Winner: Lucy Littler (below)

Title of work: Peckish Avenue

Description of work: Illustration and hand-lettering using risograph printing as well as a 3D illustrated wallpiece.

University / College / Stand: BA Illustration, Swansea College of Art UWTSD, VC46

Judges’ citation: These are fun, lovely and focussed designs, with real commercial potential

Winner’s comment: ‘I feel privileged to have won, especially knowing how many people are here and how hard everyone has worked.’

Prize: The prize given includes £500 and an 8 week paid studio placement for the winner to gain experience working in a commercial studio environment. We also offer free accommodation.

New Designers Kingfisher Design Talent Award

Winner: Elizabeth Joyce (below)

Title of work: Orbit

Description of work: A wall-mounted washing machine designed to complement busy living by reducing the number of tasks involved to start a wash and taking up less space in the flat.

University / College / Stand: BA Hons Product Design, Sheffield Hallam, FB1

Judges’ citation: ‘Elizabeth demonstrates in depth research that identifies customer needs which lead to a considered solution.’

Winner’s comment: ‘I’m over the moon to have won this award. The placement will be an amazing opportunity. It is the first step into industry for me. Kingfisher is such a huge company and I can’t wait to get started.’

Prize: £1,000 cash, plus a 6 week work placement with Kingfisher.

New Designers W’innovate & Wilko Award

Winner: Betul Salman (below)

Title of work: Swishhh

Description of work: A manual blender to connect children and parents together in one activity, Swishhh encourages families to learn about healthy eating and cooking. To blend using Swishhh you push the blender back and forth. The product is predominantly 3D printed with stainless steel blades and a clear acrylic container.

University / College / Stand: BA Product Design, Middlesex, FP2

Judges’ citation: ‘An uninhibited method that brings generations together in a fun way and encourages healthy eating. This is an analogue solution to a digital world.’

Winner’s comment: ‘I’m proud to have been selected and that design is accepting of people of different backgrounds, because that is how you get a diverse range of ideas.’

Prize: £1,000 prize money and a two week work placement at W’innovate with a contribution of up to £500 towards expenses.

New Designers Joseph Joseph Brilliantly Useful Award

Winner: Ben Cullis Watson (below)

Title of work: Taihi

Description of work: A kitchen compost bin using a Japanese method of composting, ‘Bokashi’.

University / College / Stand: BSc Product Design & Technology, Loughborough University, FP42

Judges’ citation: ‘Original execution solving an everyday problem, Ben has a strong understanding of the manufacturing and costing side of design. He had a strong presentation and very good communication skills – we could see him fitting in very well with the Jospeh Joseph team!’

Winner’s comment: ‘Joseph Joseph is an incredible company that every designer aspires to work with. To receive recognition from them is amazing.’
Prize: A 6 month paid internship at Joseph Joseph Head Office based in Southwark where the winner gets a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience with one of the UK’s most innovative design brands and £500 to spend on Joseph Joseph products.

New Designers John Lewis Award for Design and Innovation

Winner: Lewis Calderwood (below)

Title of work: Morf

Description of work: A modular sofa system that utilises a household vacuum cleaner to compress smaller in size for easy moving. Designed for ‘Generation Rent’.

University / College / Stand: BA Design Products, Ravensbourne, FP90

Judges’ citation: ‘A highly credible response to Generation Rent and nomadic living. Thoughtful, useful and excellently resolved’

Winner’s comment: ‘I knew when I started developing my product that I wanted to continue it beyond university. Winning this award confirms that ambition. The help and support from John Lewis and others at the show will really help to build manufacturing links and enable me to develop the product further, with a view to bringing it to market in the future.’

Prize: The winner will receive £1,000 to support their design and an opportunity to visit the Design team.

New Designers Tesco Award

Winner: Ben Cullis Watson (below)

Title of work: Taihi

Description of work: A kitchen compost bin using a Japanese method of composting, ‘Bokashi’

University / College / Stand: BSc Product Design & Technology, Loughborough University, FP42

Judges’ citation: ‘Ben has a great understanding of customer insight that has been executed in a thoughtful and considered way to help combat food waste.’

Winner’s comment: ‘This is a really fantastic opportunity to learn from the team at Tesco and kick start my career moving forward.’

Prize: The first winner of the New Designers Tesco Award will receive the cash prize of £1,000 and an opportunity to have an expense paid placement of 4 weeks with the Tesco head office design team. This is a fast paced environment working with our designers who work on own brand design across a wide range of product categories, and as our winner we would like to play to your strengths but will challenge you with a commercially viable project which will bring value and design to our customers.

New Designers Virgin Atlantic Award

Winner: Laurie Hills (below)

Title of work: Osmos

Description of work: A desalinator creating potable water from the ocean for those affected by natural disasters.

University / College / Stand: BSc Product Design & Technology, Loughborough University, FP42

Judges’ citation: ‘A concise and compelling resolution demonstrating solid methodology in response to a real problem.’

Winner’s comment: ‘Getting to spend two weeks with the Virgin Atlantic design team will be very exciting. I look forward to learning a lot. The bonus of going on a trip to New York is also great.’

Prize: The winner will receive two weeks work experience with the Virgin Atlantic in-house Design team, and two Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy tickets.

New Designers Mars Chocolate Design Thinking Award

Winner: Sophie Copley (below)

Title of work: Little Heroes

Description of work: A superhero children’s hospital garment designed alongside patients and staff at UCL Hospital to reduce patient anxiety.

University / College / Stand: BSc Product Design, Brunel University, FP46

Judges’ citation: ‘Little Heroes shows how design thinking can make a big difference. The judges appreciated the problem solving research with doctors, children and parents. The garment provides functional advantages in patient care and creates a positive emotional experience…all with a detailed consideration of manufacturing simplicity and cost.’

Winner’s comment: ‘Having the support of Mars means the project can continue. This has been a long journey and has already put a smile on many children’s faces. It will be great to see more of those smiles.’

Prize: The winner will receive a 4 week placement in the Mars Design Studio and £1,000 in prize money to help get the winner started on their career in design.

New Designers Pentland Brands Award

Winner: Jack Bradley (below)

Title of work: Shadow Nomadic Tech

Description of work: A backpack designed to make travel more efficient by hanging from a bunkbed and providing better access to the contents within.

University / College / Stand: Product Design, Staffordshire University, FP22

Judges’ citation: A fully resolved concept. Jack has re-thought the approach to a traditional backpack and show fantastic problem solving and innovation. It has mass market application and appeal.

Winner’s comment: ‘This is a fantastic opportunity. I’d like to develop the backpack further, to take it into production. I’m happy and excited to have my work recognised.’

Prize: The winner will receive a 2 months paid placement with Pentland Brands.


New Designers Kenwood Appliances Award

Winner: Abidur Chowdhury (below)

Title of work: Aer

Description of work: An asthma management system that aims to help people manage their asthma better in a convenient, discreet and aesthetically pleasing way. The system consists of an environmental sensing base, two inhalers, an emergency inhaler and an app that is the main point of feedback.

University / College / Stand: BSc Product Design & Technology, Loughborough University, FP42

Judges’ citation: ‘This project delivered well against all our criteria. Abidur framed, articulated and sold his project to us in a very convincing and passionate way.’

Winner’s comment: ‘The opportunity to work with Kenwood will be awesome as well as benefiting from exposure and publicity from the award.’

Prize: The winner will receive a £1,000 cash prize to help them in their development as a designer. They will also be given the opportunity to complete a design project under the guidance of the Kenwood Design Office, plus the opportunity to present this project to the Kenwood New Product Development team.

New Designers Zizzi Fresh Talent Award

Winner: Kim Grosvenor (below)

Title of work: Welcome to the Carnival greeting card range

Description of work: A colourful, fun fair-themed greetings card range made with collage and line drawing.

University / College / Stand: BA Graphic Design, Nottingham Trent University, VC9

Judges’ citation: ‘Kim’s attention to detail and ability to tell a story about her work in a really creative and unique way won us over. Her colour choices were exceptional on the postcards and would work well large scale in a restaurant.’

Winner’s comment: ‘The experience that comes with the award will be very valuable. It’s really good to be recognised for the hard work I’ve done and this can help kick start my career in illustration.’

Prize: £1,000 and the opportunity to create and install a bespoke piece of art for a Zizzi restaurant. All expenses associated with the installation of their artwork will be paid including the cost of materials, travel and accommodation if required.

New Designers MADE.COM Award for Stand Out Design

Winner: Rowena Edwards (below)

Title of work: Rownd

Description of work: ‘A rolling drinks cabinet made from oak with grey lino accents and yellow steel components.’

University / College / Stand: Fine furniture making, The Building Crafts College, FP33

Judges’ citation: ‘A great, eye-catching and playful update on a traditional format. It’s compact, portable, well detailed and with a neat function. Looks great and works well.’

Winner’s comment: ‘It’s really good to have been privileged enough to win the award. It will give me vital resources to take the next step in my furniture design and making career.’

Prize: 5x 1 hr Design mentorship sessions with one of the leading MADE.COM designers. The mentorship session can cover anything the winner may be looking for steering on from portfolio review, career planning, pitching, developing a business plan, product development and more.


New Designers 100% Design Award

Winner: Bethany Luscombe (below)

Title of work: Llia

Description of work: A multi-purpose sofa, dining table and desk-space that is a social comment in reaction to changing living behaviours.

University / College / Stand: Product and Furniture Design, Kingston School of Art, FP55

Judges’ citation: ‘The Llia interestingly merges two familiar typologies, the sofa and dining table, to create a new way of living and working. We felt the product was cleverly engineered and visually coherent, and explored a brand-new approach to space optimisation.’

Winner’s comment: ‘It’s an unbelievable opportunity that opens so many new doors and I’m excited to see where the 100% Design Award will lead me.’

Prize: Stand in the Emerging Brands section at 100% Design; located in a high-profile part of the show and packed with innovative, fresh and commercially primed ideas, the Emerging Brands section of 100% Design presents the UK’s strongest platform for newly established design talent.

New Designers One Year On Award

Winner: David Winter and Natasha Kurth (below)

Title of work: Winter and Kurth – Marquetry in Motion

Description of work: Single coloured marquetry designs deriving from a collection of Macramé textiles, an artisanal craft which inspired the visual language and questions the value placed on workmanship. Winter and Kurth combine hand assembled marquetry with unusual materials such as solid graphite and cast-crayon.

Judges’ citation: ‘High end craft which embodies humans’ need for a relationship with beautiful objects. Marquetry in Motion is simple, sophisticated and very well executed. Winter and Kurth are perfectly positioned to cross the boundary of art, craft and design.’

Winner’s comment: ‘We are delighted to have won the New Designers One Year On Award and that our hard work has paid off.’

Prize:  £500 credit / Design Nation – 1 year free membership / A Showcase Exhibition at the National Centre for Craft & Design / Design Trust – 1 year free membership to The Design Trust Business Club / A comprehensive online benefits package

New Designers Best Stand Award

Winner: Southampton Solent University 

Tutor: Chris Aaron

Stand: VC28

Judges’ citation: ‘A cohesive and vibrant display that reflects the talent on show, both individually and for the course as a whole.’

Winner’s comment: ‘Winning this award will certainly help with course recruitment. The profile of the course in general will be boosted by it. We’ve been doing events like this for a few years and this is our first time at New Designers and the first time we’ve won. It’s a nice compliment to be given. It’s a very hands-on course and it was important to us that this was reflected in the stand. We’re especially pleased considering the many great stands and art schools represented at the show.’

Prize: The winning stand will be presented with a trophy, framed certificate and champagne. In addition there will be acknowledgement on the awards display throughout the event at the venue entrance, acknowledgement in the event awards press release plus an image and details under award winners on

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