David Baldry, Group Managing Director, Hypnos

Posted in Business, People on 3 October, 2022

Q&A: David Baldry, Group Managing Director, Hypnos

Congratulations on your new role at Hypnos. Could you share a little about your career path that has led to this appointment?
I’m a huge advocate for all things KBB, so my career has centred on leading the operational and commercial teams across many brands, as well as overseeing new product development and launches, material sourcing and manufacturing processes. I have over a decade’s worth of experience in the design-led commercial specifier and consumer goods industries, with some of Europe’s largest consumer brands, including Aqualux, Fetim Group and Grohe.

Hypnos is a fantastic, globally renowned, British brand with a phenomenal legacy so I’m thrilled to have joined the team.

As Group Managing Director, what does a typical day look like for you?
There is no such thing as a typical day for me, which is one of the reasons why I love the job! As well as having an oversight of the business as a whole, I also get to deep dive into some really interesting and innovative areas, such as how we’re furthering our transparent and ethical supply chain to responsibly source certified natural and sustainable materials or what’s next in terms of product design.

I also get to work with a wide range of talented people which is brilliant. One day I might be with the management team in a board meeting, the next I could be in the factory with the skilled team that handcrafts our mattresses, or I might be out meeting with one of our hospitality or hotelier partners to discuss how we can help them to further enhance their guest experience.

How would you describe your management style?
I’m a firm believer in people and their skills, so empowering, encouraging, and mentoring is important to me. There is so much experience, knowledge and specialism out there that are invaluable assets, so I focus on trying to draw out the best in people, develop them further and get them to share their expertise with others.

What will be your main area of focus over the next few months?
Our customers always come first, whether that be a hospitality partner, interior designer, retailer or end consumer, so the customer journey is always a priority. Our customers come from several different sectors, so it’s vital that we understand each of their needs, and then collaborate with our supplier partners to be able to deliver exceptionally on that. I’m currently working with the whole Hypnos team to explore new ways of further improving and enhancing our customer service.

What are some of the key trends in the beds category that manufacturers need to be aware of?
Sustainability and creating products that offer true comfort with integrity. It’s not a trend, but a factor that will continue to drive design for many decades to come.

As we all personally expand our knowledge on sustainability and strive to become more eco-conscious, it’s essential that manufactures continually work to do better and ensure a sustainable approach is ingrained from start to finish.

Hypnos has been practising sustainable bed creation and business operation for over a decade, from working with resilient and ethical supply chains in collaboration with our certification partners, to sourcing traceable materials, to ensuring we can offer greener future in design that provides a positive impact on both the environment and sleep wellness. We pride ourselves on taking an integrity-first approach and believe that sleep shouldn’t cost the earth so are always looking for ways in which we can do better.

Are there any new design trends we should be looking out for?
Less of a design trend per se but increasing numbers of guests are seeking an indulgent guest experience that enables them to step away from it all. As a result more and more consumers are looking to recreate that feeling of ultimate comfort and relaxation when they return home, and ‘buy the bed.’ These ‘take the hotel home’ initiative are becoming more popular, not to mention profitable for hoteliers who work with suppliers such as ourselves to maximise these opportunities.

What new products from Hypnos we can look forward to?
Our latest collection, Hospitality Origins, represents a new era of sustainable sleep solutions for the sector, providing hoteliers with a truly eco-conscious bed for their guests.

The collection plays on the concept of biophilic design, and is ethically designed using natural and sustainable materials, like British Wool traceable to Red Tractor assured farms, to support hoteliers and the hospitality industry in their efforts to create a greener future for travel without having to compromise on style, quality or comfort.

As always, we’re looking forward, so watch this space for other new products coming soon.

With sustainability at the forefront of Hypnos’ ethos could you share an example that demonstrates your commitment to sustainability?
Where do I start! Sustainability sits are the core of everything we do here at Hypnos and has done for over a decade. However, when it comes to sustainability, there is always more that can be done, which is why we are working to go beyond carbon neutrality and ensure that the wellbeing of our consumers, partners within the interior design and hospitality sectors, and the planet, remains at the centre of the business.

We are currently focused on further accelerating transparency, integrity and responsible innovation, to create a resilient and ethical supply chain in collaboration with our certification partners to source traceable materials, which include Red Tractor, The Woolkeepers®, Better Cotton, CottonConnect and the Global Recycled Standard.

We are committed to championing sustainable, ethically sourced British materials so we can provide our customers with robust sustainable beds that sit at the forefront of design.

In light of the current economic climate, what new challenges you are anticipating?
There is no doubt that the current economic climate is a challenging one for us all. However, it is important that we all focus on the long-term, as well as the short. Here at Hypnos, we are working to ensure our partners recognise the increasing importance of investing in beds from a trusted brand, as they are not only crucial to improving the guest experience, but they provide a durable and quality asset that are supported by industry leading guarantees.

We are also continuing to minimise our energy bills through a combination of labour-intensive handmade products and the use of a Biomass boiler and heating system at our dedicated contract factory. Our general focus on carbon and waste reduction ensures a responsible approach to our operations, with strong supply chain partnerships that ensure we work closely together to minimise costs and maximise efficiencies.

Our force for good strategy means we will also continue to support our community and local charities during these challenging times, harnessing the energy of employees to support charitable initiatives that help disadvantaged families, and the homeless, such as via food, warm clothing and mattress donations.

What do you feel sets Hypnos apart from its competitors?
Aside from our commitment to being an ongoing pioneer of sustainable sleep and luxurious comfort, we are committed to helping the commercial specification, interior design and hospitality sectors in their own efforts to create a greener future in design, without having to compromise on luxury. We’re a passionate, expert team with an unrivalled dedication to improving everyone’s wellbeing and inspiring them to sleep sustainably, wherever they are.

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