Posted in People, Products on 12 June, 2017

SPACE’s Tonje Odegard spoke to Marcel Frick, Co-Founder and CEO at Moving Walls to get an INSIGHT into moving walls and partitions…

Great design and innovative solutions of meeting and events spaces are becoming an increasingly important focus for high-end hotels. How do you provide meeting and events areas that are both aesthetically pleasing and top-notch in terms of practicality? SPACE’s Tonje Odegard spoke to Marcel Frick, Co-Founder and CEO at Moving Walls to find out…

What are the benefits of moveable walls in a modern, high-end luxury hotel?

Organisers of events worldwide use Moving Walls for their conferences, presentations and workshops. They place great confidence in Moving Walls as a valuable instrument for working creatively and collaboratively. The Moving Walls, made in collaboration with Jörg Boner, are the result of modern Swiss product development: sturdy, easily movable on all floor coverings, with a modest and classy design.

Create your space by adding more Moving Walls and connecting them easily, seamless in a straight and round configuration without any tools by using them in meeting and training rooms and large conference facilities within luxury business hotels. By being mobile the client can use them how they want rather than be restricted to only old-fashioned flipcharts and whiteboards. Moving Walls can allow hotel business users to use them as part of a major talk or presentation and equally can then be used for small syndicate work in smaller groups giving them privacy, writeable and magnetic pin up space at the same time.

How do you incorporate high-end design into the design of the walls? Equally, how do you think movable walls can be integrated into high-end designs?

The Moving Walls feature a simple and highly functional design. The absolute reduction of all details together with a white coating underline their functional elegance. Formally discreet and highly sophisticated in their functionality, Moving Walls seamlessly blend into any modern or classical environment because it can suit into any modern environment because of the beautiful minimalist Swiss design and engineering. Equally in a more traditional classic environment and can simply blend into the background and become a great tool but unnoticeable when not in use.

In what key areas of a hotel would moveable walls fit in?

Any area of a hotel where clients and staff alike need to collaborate. For visiting businesses this is the conference facilities from the largest to the smallest because it’s the perfect ‘so user-friendly’ product for the largest of talks to a wide audience to small groups doing syndicate work.

What’s the importance of design and quality with the product?

The Moving Wall has been tested with users on events globally over eight years and every detail has been refined. Our aim is to come up with products that have grace. If a product owns this quality it jumps over to the user. We therefore ensure that each wall is engineered and produced to withstand global travel and global use. Many clients will hire our walls as far away as Australia and so they travel to and from there on a regular basis. Built to last through exacting design.

How is the hospitality industry changing to facilitate meeting and events spaces?

Digitisation continues to disrupt the workplace as we know it at breakneck speed. The calls for physical presence and face-to-face communication are growing louder. More and more companies want to work outside their normal working environments. The hospitality industry understands that we can play an important role by not only offering physical space but add value with great modern highly flexible work tools such as the Moving Walls.

What role does meeting and events spaces play in a hotel?

Great working environments help to expand the offerings of a hotel and bring in people from all around. Businesses have a year around need for physical spaces so there is almost no seasonal dependency.

Moving Walls are available exclusively through Phusei in the UK.

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