Talking Trends with Miranda Martin, Event Director at Independent Hotel Show

Posted in Events, People on 13 September, 2017

SPACE’s Features Editor Tonje Odegard had a chat with Miranda Martin, Event Director at Independent Hotel Show, about changes in design trends, ahead of the show in October…

How can design trends and changes in these trends be spotted by attending the Independent Hotel Show year on year? 

The show is big on design. I’m sure that comes as no surprise as essentially – and I’m generalising here – we are serving an audience of ‘boutique hoteliers’. Boutique hotels are very design-led and an easy way to differentiate a property is through design. We know that the number one reason our audience attend the show each year is to find the latest in design solutions and innovations. So each year we make it our prerogative to ensure that at least a third of the show’s content is made up of all kinds of exhibitors from the design community. With around 100 such companies showcasing their newest ranges every year there is no escape from the latest trends! And if you attend again and again, you’ll see how these change year on year.

What major design trends have you seen in recent years? 

Increased use of brass and gold colours particularly in fixtures and fittings. Lots of use of floral, planting and natural materials to breathe life into a space. Increased interest in Scandinavian styled chic and simple furniture designs. Lots of plush velvet. Elements of colonial and art deco styled with curiosities.

A move towards a home away from home and pared down luxury. Comfort, convenience and choices with the best guest experience at the core of design decisions.

How often do design trends develop/change? 

Certainly seasonally. As with fashion, design colour palates and textures come in and out of mode.

What trends is the Independent Hotel Show focusing on this year, if any?

Our VIP area The Suite designed by Galapagos Design will bring to life a hot house jungle theme with bold bright fabrics, floral and planting with brass lighting and accessories. Similarly, The Lobby, designed by Benedict Wilhelm, will show bold brass bolts juxtaposed against corrugated plastic; to create a chic outdoor lobby experience, like that which you might experience glamping at Wilderness Festival! Both are using floral and planting bringing the outside indoors.

The Gymnasium for The Mind by Shape London draws back on an old school boxing gym with leather and wood detailed benches, whilst creating a modern lux feel with Hague blue walls and brass coat hooks. This space, to be used for workshops for the show’s guests, is designed to encourage our audience to reimagine the typical event workshop format and get into a more focused yet playful mode.

And of course we are presenting The Perfect Hotel Bedroom designed by Harriet Forde Design. A consumer survey was commissioned to reveal what the most important factors are to make the perfect room. I won’t reveal the results now so come to the show to see if you agree with our interpretation and creation!

You can find out all about Independent Hotel Show on their website and in SPACE’s SHOWTIME preview on page 116 in our latest issue.

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