Titus DF van der Werf, Regional CEO of TPC EMEA

Posted in People on 5 October, 2015

The Parker Company enjoys an unparalleled reputation for efficient and cost-effect project procurement in the FF&E and OS&E hospitality industry sectors. Can Faik talks to one of its key players, Titus DF van der Werf, Regional CEO of TPC EMEA to find out the secret of the company’s success…

For more than four decades, The Parker Company, with offices based all over the world, has been offering FFE & OS&E hospitality procurement to discerning customers across the globe. In a fast-paced world, that sort of longevity is nothing to be sniffed at – so what does the company put the secret of its success down to? “An unparalleled level of service and industry expertise, says Titus DF van der Werf, TPC’s Regional CEO for Europe, Middle East and Asia.

“We have a tried and tested methodology that enables us to combine global sourcing, buying power and leverage with state-of-the-art online technology. TPC not only prides itself on providing customers with peace-of-mind project procurement, an add-on benefit is savings on the bottom line, too. It’s a win-win situation.”

The ‘appliance of science’ is evident in the way that TPC operates. The company’s proprietary, in-house-developed online-based technology, Llinx, offers clients, suppliers and manufacturers a transparent, interactive procurement tool that coordinates all project activities, from initial budgeting and procurement processing through to final delivery and completion. Says Titus, “The client benefits from our meticulous attention to detail. We meet their deadlines and their cost objectives, and never compromise on the service we offer.

“Online technology has made the world a smaller place in many ways – communication globally is easier, transactions are faster and administration is more cost-efficient – but with advances in the online world comes a choice for hotels that want simple, but effective, procurement solutions. And that’s why we have to be confident that we’re offering the best possible service, at all times and in all situations.”

TPC claims it can source the right products anywhere in the world, whether in the FF&E or OS&E segments, always recognising the creative intentions of designers, respecting the operational needs of operators and protecting the financial interests of the client. “This is how TPC facilitates the smooth-running of hotel businesses both big and small. Whether it is a boutique hotel operation or a global chain, our user-friendly web-based solution and global reach – with offices strategically located in Dubai, London, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Zürich – simplify the often complex procurement process.”

So, when it comes to specifics, what exactly can TPC do for today’s demanding, discerning and sophisticated hospitality industry. Says Titus, “Where do I start?! We act as the client’s agent, meeting with consultants to review budgets and negotiate the best prices, then we’ll prepare and process all purchase orders as approved by the client. Each order includes pertinent information such as vendor, description, unit price, design control number and location within the project, according to agreements between the client and TPC – so the client knows exactly what they’re getting.

“TPC also provides complete freight management/logistics oversight as part of its procurement package (unlike other firms that charge for this service), and coordinates and manages all deliveries to warehouse or site. Throughout the process, we send the client regularly updated reports tracking the production and shipping status of every item ordered. Other services include accounting support, verification of accuracy, validation of supporting documentation, issuance of vendor checks and research of unsettled issues, so in the unlikely event that problems occur, our team is on hand to sort them out.”

It seems TPC is offering the ultimate peace-of-mind provision to its clients – and, in the hectic world of hospitality, that means one less thing to worry about.


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