3D City Models Handcrafted by Chisel & Mouse

Posted in Products on 2 October, 2018

For millennia, people have been engaged in the art of designing and constructing buildings: great and small, in a myriad of styles and compositions, for every conceivable human need and want. Architecture is an expression of history and time, with its application best observed in the building of cities. Every city, whatever its size, is defined by its architecture. Most importantly, a city’s architecture is its lifeblood, providing inhabitants with endless opportunities and possibilities.

For Chisel & Mouse, cities are a model makers goldmine, offering a fascinating opportunity to explore and capture the urban landscape in three-dimensional form. With the brand’s cityscapes, Chisel & Mouse are crafting an artistic representation of the physical geography of a city, capturing in faithful detail its architecture, thoroughfares, parks and waterways. Chisel & Mouse proprietors, Robert and Gavin Paisley, have been casting and handcrafting exact physical representations of architectural landmarks and cityscapes since 2011. With their finely honed model making skills, every piece of work is made with meticulous attention to detail and the results are truly pleasing.

To produce its cityscapes, Chisel & Mouse use satellite data to create a digital model. With this model, a 3D printed version of the built environment is made; combined with traditional moulding and plaster casting, the digital – handmade cityscape is crafted. Accurate to the nearest metre, cityscapes are scaled at 1:5000 and capture an area of 1.5km x 1.5km. In its Classic Series, Chisel & Mouse have made nine precise cityscape models, including the City of London, Manhattan’s southern tip and the area around Venice’s Canal Grande. Each model measures 30cm x 30cm and is enclosed in a removable perspex frame.

There are two additional variations of the cityscape series made by Chisel & Mouse: the Blue River Series is similar to the Classic Series, but with the addition of a brilliant blue hue to highlight each city’s waterways; theLarge Cityscape Series includes larger models of London (at a scale of 1:2500) and New York (at a scale of 1:5000) — each model is made in resin, measures 70cm x 70cm and is displayed in a wooden frame.

Together with the cityscape collections, Chisel & Mouse provides a bespoke model making service. With the brand’s punctilious approach, skilled craftsmanship and architectural insights, bespoke cityscapes can be made using satellite data, architect’s drawings, photos and sketches.

All cityscapes can be wall-mounted and displayed on a tabletop or desk.


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