A timeless touch of luxury: drapilux Jacquard collection

Posted in Products on 15 November, 2018

Fabrics are an integral part of interior design. They create a room’s atmosphere and provide it with good acoustics. But which fabrics are suitable for which type of room? With the Jacquard collection, drapilux offers five modern, elegant designs for classic hotels. Two examples of the Germany-based manufacturer’s stylish new take on the exquisite fabric are items 164 28 and 167 08:

With its slightly stylised leaf design, this intricately woven jacquard fabric, available in six colours, conveys the exotics of a native New Zealand fern bush. The motif appears on a background resembling a waffle structure, which adds an elegant three-dimensional effect. As a result, this eye-catching fabric is ideal for classic hotels. Three of the six colours – namely colour 28 (anthracite) pictured here, as well as colours 18 (bluey-grey), and 08 (silvery light grey) – also feature a bicoloured look. This further accentuates the three-dimensional character of the jacquard.

The wavy lines of this jacquard constantly flow into one another. At the same time, matte, slightly raised ribbing interacts with glossy stripes, thus giving the fabric a three-dimensional effect. Due to its apparently organic design, this jacquard has a calming effect, inviting your guests to unwind after a long day. The haptic fabric is available in six different colours, from the light grey (colour 8) pictured here, to anthracite, as well as shades ranging from crème to beige to fawn.

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