Acquabella LAUNCHES the new Acquawhite collection

Posted in Products on 27 July, 2020

Refined and minimalist lines, inspired by the purest nature, outline the products of Acquabella’s latest collection, which pays homage to the beauty of simplicity.

Acquabella has pushed its creativity, will to excel and passion for innovation and quality to the limit by presenting Acquawhite, the new collection starring the Levi, Vars, Venet, Lech and Zermatt series. The collection was conceived thanks to Dolotek®, Acquabella’s new material that allows to create highly precise, almost sculptural designs without compromising on its characteristic quality. In addition, this new catalogue contains the added novelty of adding bathtubs and totems to the range of products the brand has been making until now.

Mineral charges and resin are combined to create Dolotek®, leading to a synergy that favours resistance to impact and thermal shock, creating a highly durable material that is also resistant to UV rays. Thus, the purest white is guaranteed, even if the product is at the mercy of the sun.

Another of the most striking properties of this new material is that it allows for high- precision design, tracing thin thicknesses without compromising on quality. This creates unique shapes that give the Acquawhite collection great versatility, with products that, although they follow the same lines, have a marked difference between them.

It is also worth noting the softness that features throughout the series, similar to that of natural stone. Presented by Acquabella, this new antibacterial surface is not only a delight to the touch, but also ensures easy and thorough cleaning with minimal effort as it is non-porous.

The Levi, Vars and Venet series include bathtubs, totems and sinks. Levi, inspired by the movement of the ocean, is a series whose products widen at the top, culminating in an extremely slim and captivating profile that is particularly comfortable in bathtubs. By contrast, the Vars range presents more robust shapes and takes risks with the thickness of its profiles, creating a visual game that will draw everyone’s gaze. Venet, meanwhile, is a series reminiscent of Arctic glaciers: pieces of great purity, which transmit serenity and melt at their base, giving rise to a totally groundbreaking design.

On the other hand, Lech is a bathtub that manages to capture the purest softness in its oval shapes. It’s a piece that blends seamlessly into any environment.

Zermatt, on the other hand, offers a series of single and double-breasted worktops that will be the perfect complement to any bathroom, thanks to the collection’s characteristic white. These are characterised by their angular and robust shapes.

With the new collection, Acquabella opens the door onto a timeless, attractively simple new design, which conceals a great variety capable of seducing all audiences, turning the bathroom into a room full of design, comfort and relaxation.

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