Acquabella’s Smart Quiz shower tray wins over design experts.

Posted in Products on 11 December, 2020

After a year on the market, the Smart Quiz shower tray has been awarded the top European design and innovation prizes.

In November 2019, Acquabella announced its new, very special products for 2020 in celebration of its 25th anniversary. Among these new products is the Quiz texture which is contemporary, creative and unique. A geometric puzzle made up of three of the Acquabella’s main textures: the cosy Ethnic texture, the minimalist Zero texture and the industrial style Beton texture; all of them blend to create a unique and innovative finish, a perfect reflection of the brand, formed by people who have managed to convey their enthusiasm, creativity, dedication and professionalism in each of the products manufactured.

The Quiz texture gave way to the Smart Quiz shower tray, a piece that further highlights the contemporary character of the texture that adorns it, and with a grid that becomes one more part of the geometric puzzle of which it is composed, all while remaining fully integrated into the tray. This is an example of the knowledge that reflects the brand’s experience and its intention to emphasise quality and small details.

An internationally award-winning design

The Smart Quiz shower tray has been winning the main European design and innovation awards.

At the beginning of the year, it won the iF Product Design Award, a world-renowned German award that recognises excellence in design. Also in Germany, the Smart Quiz shower tray won the prestigious German Design Award, whose board of judges declared it to be “an interesting solution that meets high design and quality standards through the use of attractive optics and material textures”. In France it was nominated for the Ideobain Innovation Award. The Smart Quiz shower tray won the SBID Product Design Award in England, an award reserved for the best interior design products in terms of design, innovation and functionality. It was also a Gold Winner in the bathroom product category of the Designer Awards 2020 and a finalist in the KBB awards in Birmingham. The latest achievement of the Smart Quiz shower tray was winning the ADA, the award organised by the famous Archiproducts platform, which gave Acquabella the valued Archiproducts Design Award 2020 for the best bathroom product thanks to the innovative Smart Quiz.

With all these awards, which recognise the design and professional capacity of the Acquabella brand, the Smart Quiz shower tray is one of the most highly esteemed products among design experts. This is thanks to the feeling of its textured covering which is hypnotising to the eye and touch, its high quality finish and careful details, all in one very functional piece so you can enjoy your shower with all your senses.

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