Posted in Products on 23 April, 2018

After nearly a year of renovations of their showroom, Altfield is finally back in their usual place. Features Editor Tonje Odegard spoke to William Lack, Managing Director of Altfield, to hear what it’s like, what they got up to at Design Week in March and what the company has in the pipelines…

What has the opening of the new showroom meant for the business?

It’s nice to be back in our new old space – being out of our usual space for nine months makes you really appreciate it when you move back. We hope the changes will be appreciated by the visiting designers. It’s also allowed us to focus on making the showroom easier to shop.

In what ways have the new showroom changed?

I’ve moved out, as has my marketing department, and this has meant that our showroom space dedicated to product is 20 per cent larger. We will have the luxury of more flexibility for events, presentations and more room for designers in our showroom to set up and work at our large worktables on their schemes and projects.

What did Altfield get up to for Design Week?

In addition to celebrating being back in our space, we launched our new James Malone collection. We also did Pimms O’Clock where visitors came and had a drink and were shown around the showroom and the new collections from all our brands. Knowing the team I had the Pimms fruity and strong!

What exciting plans and partnership does Altfield have in the pipeline for the coming months?

While I can confirm new lines are coming to us, we are still finalising details and it would be presumptuous of me to announce before they are ready. But over the next six months there will be two other new brands joining us. The lovely thing about our industry is that there is so much creativity out there and our brands produce lovely new collections every six months, so there is always something new to see. We also have a number of visits by principals of the brands we represent bringing their own passion and we do visits and drinks with them to make the contact more personal. We are also going to be showing at Sleep Eat at its new location in November and at Surface Design in February next year.

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