An insight into signage

Posted in Products on 13 January, 2016

CEO and President of Modulex, Eric Kirwan, explains the effectiveness quality signage can have on a hotel…

A memorable guest experience begins with a great first impression. Making guests feel at home, calm and reassured is essential to creating an unforgettable stay and can be greatly affected by the signage. The trend for more self-check in and less human interaction, makes signage ever more important – it has to work hard to aesthetically integrate with the carefully considered environment as well as providing essential, clear and reassuring navigation.

So how can you make the signage work for hotel guests? As with all design work the identification of the user comes first. Business or pleasure? Local or International? Demographic? Consider information management for the different user groups of hotels, for example, the conference area is likely to need more information as this can be a stressed environment where guests are focused on other business topics. Yet this environment also provides an opportunity to persuade guests to book a return visit for a leisure break. Think about leisure guests and their main requirements, for example, how to easily find the concierge, spa or restaurant. Also consider using pictograms to aid visitors through hotels for International guests e.g. airport hotels.

For hotel groups the necessity to adhere to brand guidelines whilst respecting local cultural nuances and adhering to local legislation, for example the Equalities Act 2010 in the UK or ADA in the United States has to be considered. Make sure to use a global signage company with local infrastructure and knowledge to support you whether you work on global brand roll outs or individual resort hotels.

And the future? There are always exciting opportunities to use materials in new creative ways. Identify a supplier who has the vision to explore the design potential of all materials. Also watch for technological developments of indoor navigation systems. Apple and Google are already exploring this technology as an essential tool to guide visitors through public buildings. The route is clear. With the right supplier it’s easy to find the way.

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