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Posted in Products on 15 November, 2018

Artisan Collection

The Artisan collection is an ode to artisanal, traditional craftsmanship. The wallcoverings are made of pure, natural materials, from minerals and grasses to tropical plants. Experienced artisans pleat, weave and dye with boundless passion and patience. They transform these raw materials by hand into beautiful, unique wallcoverings.

Cantala Collection

The Cantala collection honours the pure beauty of natural materials such as sisal, raffia and paper with it’s authentic, graceful and natural feel. The collection owes its name to the exotic Agave cantala plant. Sisal fibres are derived from its long, slender leaves which are often up to two metres long. Sisal derived from this tropical plant can be found in fashion and interiors alike. The natural designs within this striking collection such as Raphia and Papyrus contain variations in tone and texture derived from the raw materials from which they are crafted.

In order to perfect nature, we strived to create a wallcovering that offers natural beauty without variances in the weave, structure or tone of the design. Craft is a screen printed design offering an extremely realistic sisal look, providing a natural result on the wall including a soft panelling effect which is characteristic of authentic sisal wallcoverings. A perfect balance of tone and weave has been achieved through a carefully controlled production process. Craft is offered in beautiful neutral shades and a range of fresh, contemporary colours.

Insolence Collection

The Roaring Twenties: the decade that will forever be known for the rise of radio, cinema and jazz music. Fashion is provocative and interiors more opulent than ever before. Fast-forward to the present day, where the luxurious new palazzo style is an unstoppable trend. We see many typical Twenties elements making a comeback, although in contemporary form. That combination of new palazzo and the lavish style of the Twenties forms the inspiration for the Insolence collection.

F. Scott Fitzgerald coined the term ‘the Jazz Age’ for the Twenties, a new but above all modern era characterised by the rise of cinema, design and music. Women were increasingly independent and dressed more provocatively. Just like fashion and the huge parties thrown in Great Gatsby style, the lavish interiors appealed to everyone’s imagination. In 2018, we see this exuberant style making a comeback in the new palazzo style, which also draws inspiration from 19th century Italian Renaissance mansions. Think of opulent details, flamboyant frills, geometric shapes and bright mosaics and you have ‘Insolence’ by Arte.

Tinted Tiles

In response to the quest for modern wallpaper prints brimming with character, HookedOnWalls have developed Tinted Tiles. This striking collection with geometry at it’s core consists of eight patterns, each broadly inspired by tile motifs from various periods and eras. Classical influences and art deco motifs permeate the prints and textures of this collection, whilst it remains consistent with the HookedOnWalls ethos of creating timeless, inspiring and audacious designs.

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