AXMINSTER CARPETS: Timeless design, quality every time

Posted in Products on 2 August, 2019

Axminster Carpets has been a byword for carpet quality and craftsmanship for over 250 years. One of Britain’s best known and most prestigious carpet designers and manufacturers, their high-quality carpets can be found in royal palaces, the best hotels and private houses. They are a national treasure and the true authentic in carpet, being the inventor of the modern day ‘Axminster’ woven carpet. 

Axminster Carpets produce wool and wool/nylon yarn blend carpets, with a vertically integrated approach, and is owned by a wool merchant company. This ensures that they have full quality control over the supply chain and sustainability credentials from the fleece through to the finished carpet. Their products provide the highest levels of comfort and style that customers have come to expect from their interior experience. Their carpets are designed and woven in-house in Axminster, Devon.

They offer a bespoke service with direct access to the in-house design team and, with skilled weaving expertise, they can create and craft a personal service from sketch to carpet or rug. Luxurious and tailor-made for any project, their in-house design studio create the best flooring solutions not only in terms of colour and appearance, but also in meeting specific technical requirements.

Using their expertise and esteemed design skills custom carpets are fast tracked with their Ready To Weave collection, which combines twenty-first century technology and traditional Axminster. With hundreds of designs to choose from, Ready to Weave is a dynamic and diverse collection courtesy of Axminster Carpets. Ready to Weave has been designed to inspire proud property owners and renowned interior designers, whilst appeasing industry demands for lower costs and short lead times. The range features an unparalleled selection of designs, brought to life by 40 interchangeable colours. 

As holders of the Royal Warrant, the Axminster Carpets team is proud that their carpets continue to be designed and woven in the UK. With their Devon origins remaining at their core, they pride themselves in carpeting some of the UK’s most prestigious venues. They can be found in historical properties such as Royal residences and National Trust properties as well as luxury hotels such as The Goring and contemporary hotels The Zetter and Marriott Bournemouth. 

Striving to accommodate every bespoke need, Axminster Carpets offer flexibility of both design and service. Every stage of the design process is closely managed and guided by Axminster’s highly skilled and innovative design, weaving and finishing team; they’ve been crafting luxury carpets since 1755.

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