Posted in Products on 11 October, 2016

Baulmann Leuchten has been manufacturing decorative lighting for the hotel industry for over 70 years.

Leading by example, the company creates thoughtful designs that meet the needs of hotel owners, operators and travellers.

Take for instance the necessity of having to recharge phones and tablets more often because today’s business traveller is constantly on the phone or the internet!

Historically, they would have taken a standard plug and cable, plugging their devices into the nearest wall socket, but these days, we prefer to travel light, taking only the USB cable and expecting there to be a USB charging socket close to hand in the room.

Hotel owners and operators understand this need, but ask: how much will it cost, and where should I place it for easy access by the guest?

To answer this, Baulmann has invested in the design and manufacture of a miniature, low-cost USB charging port.

This super small socket can be integrated into existing and new lights, be it an LED reading light, a bedside wall light or desk lamp.

The challenge for us was to design a small, shallow socket that would be visible and easy to access by the guest, but which would not distract from the overall design created the clients. By placing a great deal of importance on this point, because the majority of the lighting produced is custom made to meet a strict design intent, having a large, ill-placed socket just wouldn’t do.

Sourcing ready-made components also proved impractical as it was found they were only capable of recharging phones, with tablets taking an endless time to reach full charge. This German-designed unit will recharge phones and tablets quickly and efficiently, while at the same time producing minimal heat transfer to the light body itself.

The USB socket is manufactured to a contract quality level, meaning it is suitable for constant use in a hotel environment.

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