BC SOFTWEAR PRESENTS ITS Sustainable, Responsible, Luxury RANGES

Posted in Products on 24 April, 2020

BC Softwear delivers sustainable product solutions for your business with a responsibility towards the environment. We provide specifically designed and independently tested towelling products for Hotels, spas and laundries. We are known for our expertise in providing unique solutions for each market, based on over 20 years of commercial experience and manufacturing knowhow.

BC Softwear is the towelling company of choice for the programme of environmentally friendly technologies at both the manufacturing stage, with a massive programme of sustainability processes and on a consumer level with a considerable raft of energy savings on each of the individual products from the SmartSoft collection.

The SmartSoft Collection

SmartSoft is the name given to the collection of products that include SupremeSoft Bathrobes, SupremeSoft Spa Linen. and now to complete the range BC Softwear has introduced SmartKnit towels.

At a glance:

  • 70% Energy Saving
  • 65% less oil absorption than traditional towelling
  • All claims have been independently verified for the savings calculations.

Helping your operation meet your energy reduction targets * (*The Paris Agreement, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC April 2016).

The entire SmartSoft collection is 100% Guaranteed for the claims of sustainability and energy savings which can be verified by the independent reports provided by the Laundry and Technology Centre (LTC).

Barbara Cooke says ’SmartSoft is an entire energy saving collection designed to conserve energy and reduce costs right across your business. With the introduction of SmartKnit BC Softwear can provide sustainable solutions from the hotel bedroom to the spa treatment couch’.

The facts SupremeSoft Bathrobes and SupremeSoft Spa Linen

  • 70% Energy Saving
  • 40-50% reduced drying times compared with traditional towels
  • 65% less oil absorption than traditional towelling
  • 43% saving in water consumption
  • Long lasting – the knitted weave of this towel means that it will not pull or tear


SmartKnit Towels

BC Softwear works closely with many of the UK’s leading hotels and spas. We are constantly evaluating the needs of our customers and working to provide practical, proven and commercially viable products to satisfy these needs. SmartKnit has been inspired by energy saving benefits seen to our customers of SupremeSoft robes and spa linen. SmartKnit towels complete the SmartSoft family. SmartKnit is the natural extension to complete the collection and offers increased levels of eco energy savings for our hotel and laundry customers.

  • 8.5% Energy saving in comparison with a traditional towel
  • 9.2 % reduction in Drying Time
  • 60 % reduction of absorbency in oil than traditional towelling
  • 5% reduction in water consumption
  • Long lasting – the knitted weave of this towel means that it will not pull or tear

Sizes: Hand Towel, Bath Towel Bath Sheet. Available in multiple thicknesses weights Colours: White, Pebble Slate Grey.

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