Posted in Products on 19 October, 2020

Glazed titanium-steel baths and shower trays from German manufacturer, Bette, were chosen by The Standard, London, for its uniquely styled rooms.

Housed in the former Camden Town Hall Annex, in London’s King’s Cross neighbourhood, the 1974 Brutalist building has been meticulously restored and sets the perfect stage for The Standard’s first hotel outside America.

It has 266 rooms, in 42 unique styles, ranging from Cosy Core rooms to terraced suites.

Shower Trays and Floors

Bette provided shower trays and shower floors in a wide range of different sizes and shapes from 80 x 80cm to 180 x 90cm. All are made from Bette’s durable, hygienic and easy to clean, glazed titanium-steel, in matt white colour, ‘Snow’, and feature Bette’s almost invisible Anti-slip Pro finish. The shower trays and floors are Bette’s award-winning BetteFloor flush to floor shower floor and the BetteUltra shower tray in rectangular and corner versions.


Bette also provided freestanding, semi-recessed and fitted baths in white gloss finish, all manufactured from its glazed titanium-steel, which is easy to clean, retains its shine and comes with a 30 year warranty.

The baths are the freestanding BetteLux Oval Silhouette in 180 x 80cm, the semi-recessed BetteLux Oval Highline in 180 x 80cm, and the fitted BetteForm bath in 150 x 70cm.

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