Bette: InnovatIon and a 30-Year WarrantY

Posted in Products on 6 August, 2018

With a passion for innovation, German bathroom manufacturer, Bette, creates baths, basins and shower areas in one of the most beautiful and durable materials: glazed titanium-steel.

The result is award-winning designs with a thirty year warranty. Its baths, basins and shower floors are available in a huge range of designs, sizes and colours, and in gloss or matt finishes. Shower trays and shower floors can be matched to flooring for a spacious, contemporary look, and basins and baths can be ordered in eye-catching colours, or colour-matched to ceramic items, such as tiles.

If a specific size is required, perhaps to fit into a recess, Bette can create the tray or bath to the exact measurements. Shower trays and fitted baths can be ordered with BetteUpstand, for no silicone where the product meets the wall tiles. Bette also offers an almost invisible anti-slip surface: BetteAnti-slip Pro. The wide choice of styles and sizes means there are products to suit all bathrooms, including space-saving options for smaller bathrooms.

Bette baths come in built-in, semi-recessed and freestanding versions, many featuring stylish slim rims. Its latest launches include the sleek, slim-rimmed BetteStarlet Spirit built-in bath, the geometric BetteLoft Ornament, and the surprising BetteLux Oval Couture, which is upholstered in durable fabric, more usually used in high quality outdoor furniture.

Shower floors

Bette offers a wide choice of shower trays and shower floors in hundreds of sizes and colours, including matt colours to coordinate with flooring. The award-winning BetteFloor is a flush-to-floor shower area that is like one large enamelled steel tile which is easy to clean and hygienic.

Matching washbasins

Bette’s range of coordinating washbasins in glazed steel mean that the two ‘statement’ pieces in a bathroom, the bath and the washbasin, can be a perfect match, without having to compromise on the use of different materials.

Bathroom furniture

Bette also offers a high quality, modular bathroom furniture range, which flexibly connects individual products in the Bette range and provides stylish storage and seating solutions.

Sustainability is central to Bette’s approach and its achievements are confirmed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which complies with ISO 14025 and EN15804.

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