Bette simplifies shower tray installation

Posted in Products on 20 March, 2023

Bette simplifies shower tray installation and reduces time taken by up to 90 percent with revolutionary new self-locking foot system – BetteLevel.

Bette is launching a new approach to shower tray installation, which will make it significantly easier and faster, and works with shower trays of all sizes. The new system revolutionises the process of mounting, levelling, and adjusting the shower tray to the desired height. Until now, this has usually been done using a frame, however, as frames have to be assembled and adjusted in height using screws, it can be a time-consuming process. 

The new BetteLevel self-locking foot system makes the process much simpler and faster, with no extra tools required. The unique, patented self-locking, telescopic feet are simply glued to the shower tray. The shower tray is then raised to the desired height and the feet lock in place automatically. If any adjustment is required, the lock can be released by lifting the shower tray, and the process repeated to lock the feet at the correct height. Once level and at the correct height, the waste can be installed, and the tiling can be done.

The BetteLevel was developed in conjunction with installers, who tested prototypes of the telescopic feet. During the testing process, they found the new system made shower tray installation and adjustment significantly simpler and faster, with fewer materials and tools required.

The shower tray with its self-locking feet can be lifted between 80 and 200 mm to the required floor level, with the self-locking catch in the foot system accurate to half a millimetre and each foot supporting up to 150 kilograms.

Most shower trays will only require four corner feet, while particularly large shower trays will also use two or more additional feet which automatically accommodate the gentle incline of the shower tray towards the waste. These additional feet are extended to the correct size once the corner feet have been locked in position. This is done by simply pulling a cord to release a spring lock, with the cord and spring lock being removed through the waste hole.

BetteLevel is suitable for all installation situations, including construction sites, with options including permanently lockable feet to avoid unintentional adjustment.

One system with one product number for all shower trays
BetteLevel is ideal for use with shower trays made of glazed titanium steel, as the material is extremely strong and stable and provides a good adhesive connection. Unlike traditional frame installation systems, BetteLevel is suitable for all sizes and designs of shower tray, so installers will always have the right product to hand and can keep additional feet in their vehicles in reserve. The BetteLevel will simplify stock-keeping for wholesalers and installers, to the point that in future one product number will replace dozens of installation sets. BetteLevel saves resources, materials, and time, while also reducing complexity.

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