Posted in Products on 15 March, 2019

Bette’s launches at ISH included a beautiful, individually made washbasin and a circular bath – both in its glazed titanium-steel with a 30 year warranty.

BetteCraft washbasin

BetteCraft Washbasin

The BetteCraft washbasin combines the sculptural aesthetics of the finest porcelain with the perfect material for the bathroom: glazed titanium steel. This beautifully-shaped washbasin received the Design Plus Award 2019 at ISH, the world’s leading trade fair for the bathroom.

The delicate design language and brilliant surface of the BetteCraft are so flawless and artistic that it creates the impression of Chinese porcelain. The German design offices of Tesseraux + Partner created the design which turned Bette’s glazed titanium steel into a rounded shape that tapers towards the top and bottom.

This kind of shape is unusual in the extremely strong and hard glazed titanium-steel and is usually associated with soft clay at the potter’s wheel. To achieve the design, every BetteCraft basin is individually made by hand, then glazed on both the inside and outside.

BetteCraft is available in a choice of two sizes; 350 or 450 mm diameter. In addition to elegant white, Bette also offers the basin in a range of colours, including exclusive matt shades and in the new Effect colours, such as sparkling Midnight, velvety Blue Satin and iridescent Forest.



BettePond Sihouette Bath

BettePond Silhouette Bath

Also creating a lot of interest at ISH was Bette’s new BettePond Silhouette circular freestanding bath.

With no beginning and no end; no edges or corners: the circle is the most perfectly balanced figure in geometry. The BettePond Silhouette combines this perfect form with the perfect material in the bathroom – glazed titanium steel.

The circular BettePond was designed by Dominik Tesseraux as a reminder of the original shape of the tub. With a generous 150cm diameter, the circle is the perfect place for quiet contemplation and slowing down in everyday life – and an oasis of tranquillity in the bathroom.

Creating this inviting circle in glazed titanium steel called for every ounce of Bette’s mastery. Although the reduced circle appears basic in form, producing a bath from this strong material demanded a profound knowledge of the material and manufacturing process.




BetteSpace Baths

Bette also used ISH to launch BetteSpace: a range of three baths that make intelligent use of the space in small and medium sized bathrooms. The baths use trapezoid geometries to make the optimum use of the available space whilst also offering the highest bathing comfort. The range includes the space saving BetteSpace S, the bath/shower combination BetteSpace M and the side-by-side two-seater BetteSpace L. All come with a thirty year warranty.

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