Bring a Sense of Wonder to Your Walls with Rusticork

Posted in Products on 25 July, 2018

Showing cork in its truest, most organic form, Rusticork uses raw cork bark to create statement walls with unique effects. From raw, natural cork to Bark Black and Slate Ash Grey, Rusticork not only delivers an unmistakable natural aesthetic, but also a wall that helps to combat airborne noise and retain heat. Natural, biodegradable and recyclable, Rusticork is exclusive to Granorte.

“Walls allow cork to be at its most expressive,” reveals Paulo Rocha, R&D, Granorte. “Along with slicing natural cork into strips to create Slate, they also use the bark in its raw state, as freshly harvested from the tree, to create a look and texture that is utterly unique and impossible to mimic. For this reason, Rusticork stands alone and as cork’s properties become appreciated by a growing number of designers, it is becoming a material specified not only for aesthetics, but for function and its renewable natural status too.”

Each cork forest is carefully managed, with each tree living for around 300 years. The harvesting of bark has no lasting impact on the tree, growing back and becoming ready for harvesting again in approximately nine years. This makes cork one of the most sustainable materials currently available for use on interior walls.

With great sound-absorption, the surface also helps to make busy areas noticeably quieter, while remaining easy to clean and durable enough for commercial use. Rusticork meets all current regulations for wall products and releases no toxic chemicals when burnt.

Available in 600 x 300mm tile and 900 x 600mm panel, Rusticork comes 25-35mm deep depending on finish. With no PVC, softeners or other hazardous chemicals, Rusticork can be supplied natural or coloured to requirements.

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