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If we couldn’t use words or concepts to explain what identifies Diabla as a brand, we would choose just one thing: the colour red. Bold, bright, full of light and vitality, simple yet cheeky… that’s their attitude, which comes across in the design of their products, together with a high dose of creativity. And at Diabla, they’ve gone for one of the brightest, most radiant shades of red.

Grey + red

Highly explosive shades are used alongside more neutral options in the colour palette. White, grey, anthracite or bronze can provide the perfect contrast to tone down the bright red. But they can also have the opposite effect, serving as a base against which to accent a specific item. The options in neutral colours do not lessen the expressiveness of our designs, adding a stylish, sophisticated touch.

Blue + red

Diabla has carefully created the colour palette of their designs so that all the shades they use go together perfectly. However unlikely certain combinations may seem, they always look great together. This is the case with these two strong shades of red and blue. This means that you can not only create colourful sets or arrangements of furniture, you can also use colour blocking to design different ambiences.

Olive green + pink

When we say Diabla’s products are designed for original spaces, we’re not just talking about their clever designs but also about colour combinations like this, which are capable of creating highly unusual ambiences that are stylish and full of life. Our pink and olive green combination is a convincing example of how easy it is to avoid a conventional look with Diabla’s designs.

Sand + yellow

In Spain’s culture and lifestyle they place a great deal of importance on endless days of Mediterranean sun and therefore love colour and outdoor living. Many of the shades chosen for Diabla’s colour palette are linked to Spain’s natural surroundings, like the sand of the beach and the yellow of the sun or of golden fields. Nature inspires us with its perfect mixtures of colour.

Yellow + blue

With this colour palette they aim to infuse all kinds of ambience with their colourful spirit: terraces, patios and gardens, whether in natural surroundings or in the city. There is no reason why bright yellow and blue should be more appropriate colours for spaces outside the city; they can also give great vitality and style to a cosmopolitan outdoor space. The city doesn’t need any more grey.

A new brand with huge experience behind it

Diabla is a new brand of outdoor furniture, accessories and complementary items.
The designs are typically casual, original and creative, with new formulas for enjoying outdoor living in all kinds of settings and at any time of year. Diabla is a brand with an inspiring attitude that offers creative ideas for stylish settings. The bold, colourful designs not only contribute something new, they are also the expression of new lifestyles.

Diabla is the third Gandiablasco brand, a new business adventure backed by
this prestigious firm with close to eight decades of experience in the domestic and international contemporary design sector. The collections are developed with the support of resources and expertise accumulated by Gandiablasco in terms of the design, production and development culture that prevails in the business. The company entrusted the leadership of this new project to architect and designer Sara Romero, founding partner of the Romero Vallejo studio.

Customers can purchase items from the Diabla collection in the brand’s own online store,, as well as in the usual Gandiablasco points of sale.

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